The Benefits of Biking on World Bicycle Day

Whether you’re looking to boost your health, fitness, or even your bank balance or whether you’re just taking up an environmentally conscious choice, riding a bicycle is an important lifestyle choice that above all highlights sustainability. In April 2018, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 3 as World Bicycle Day to celebrate its wholesome set of benefits as a method of transport. On this occasion we emphasize a wide array of biking benefits be it whether you’re using it to get to work on a daily basis or taking it up as a hobby.

Cycling Towards Better Health

An awesome aerobic exercise meaning that your heart, blood vessels, and lungs all get a workout; yet bikers do not only benefit from cardiovascular blessings, your overall fitness level is likely to skyrocket. Taking up such a healthy habit, bikers experience decreased level of stress, better posture, coordination and bone health, reduced anxiety, a lower level of body fat and a reduction of risk of developing Type II Diabetes. Adding to such a plethora of health benefits, biking has also shown to reduce mental complications such as depression, because of the benefits of the exercise and the enjoyment that cycling brings.

Bikers in the City

Many adults look back wishfully onto childhood memories where they got to their destinations with the help of their favorite bike, yet they barely realize that they can recreate such an experience every day in their daily commute. People who commute in urban areas, as well as metropolitan cities, have always experienced the frustration of rush hour followed by countless hours of being stuck in one’s car. Luckily, bike riders can always go around traffic and get to their destination in a faster, efficient, and healthier manner. Also, bikers get to work feeling exhilarated and energetic and soon enough will be wishing that their daily commute was longer.

Wheels for a Greener Tomorrow

The most direct and prominent benefit of cycling is the lack of an engine. This in its turn, reduces the need of burning fossil fuels, the process that leads to global warming and other global environmental problems. Additionally, biking leads to reduction in noise pollution given that they are much quieter alternatives than cars; hence making streets quieter and less congested. One of the detrimental consequences of vehicles is the amount of space needed for parking; and while it is true that bikes also need spots to be parked in, they can be conveniently integrated into sidewalks, inside of buildings and on U-racks among many others.

While these seem to be the most vital benefits of regularly riding a bike, there exists also a bigger set of paybacks that bike owners come to have that include saving up on car, insurance and gas costs, becoming more observant of your surroundings and place you live in, spending quality time with other bikers, and possibly later on teaching your children how to ride a bike. Last but not least, it goes without saying that individuals and the state alike both share the responsibility to disseminate the awareness related to the benefits of riding a bike and to provide and maintain the necessary infrastructure needed to facilitate cycling around towns, cities, and provinces.

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