Umniah’s digital drive towards Jordan’s 2025 vision

Businesses, corporates, and governments are sensationalizing the shift towards a digital economy. With the advent of technological advancement, it is inevitable that innovation is at the front line of the financial sector towards revitalizing a country into a thriving economic ecosystem.

What is the Jordan 2025 vision for the digital economy?
The Jordan 2025 vision aims to reinforce Jordan to be a part of the digital world. Part of its goals is to expand into the digital economy, encourage innovation, and drive a digitized infrastructure across major elements in the country. This is also an opportunity to respond to innovative technologies while reinforcing the next wave of entrepreneurs towards a tech-savvy generation.

Umniah’s expansion into the digital economy
For a telecommunication company where technology is up front and center, Umniah is certainly a pioneer when it comes to contributing to the country’s digital transformation. Although a large part of the Jordanian population is overwhelmingly cash dependent, they do in fact have access to mobile phones. These daily mobile connections are a major element to moving towards progress and sustained innovation.


Mahfazti by Umniah
An iOS and Android app, Mahfazti by Umniah, is the Kingdom’s first mobile wallet and payment infrastructure that is regulated and supervised by the Central Bank of Jordan. Taking the route of digital momentum, Mahfazti takes the physical aspect of money out of the equation for a more harmonious and digitized payment ecosystem. Think of it as an easily accessible money solution that opens a doorway to how individuals manage their daily tasks, pay bills, and receive payments more conveniently and faster than ever before.
The country’s digital approach in the payment sector is both innovative and disruptive, and Mahfazti resonates with that as it changes the future of how we work with payments and money transactions. Consumers and vendors can both move from traditional cash and card payments to a highly intuitive mobile based commerce.
The tech involved is both simple and safe for all users as it makes use of Near Field Communication (NFC). This is where you can simply tap and pay for any products you purchase at any store that also makes use of a compatible NFC reader.
Beyond individual products, Umniah has expanded to better leverage to its citizens through its collaboration with eFawateerCom, Jordan’s electronic bill platform, owned by the Central Bank of Jordan. Umniah line holders can view and pay their mobile and internet bills through the e-banking platform at their most suitable time.


The Tank by Umniah
As digitization evolves rapidly and increasingly, this is where The Tank, Umniah’s entrepreneurship and innovation incubator comes in. The Tank aims to support Jordanian entrepreneurs and startups in the Kingdom as well as boost entrepreneurship and innovation within the startup community.
Since its inception, the incubator has been harmonious with Jordan’s 2025 vision, as it aims to improve the workforce sector for its citizens while simultaneously securing job opportunities.
Under these circumstances, The Tank has helped connect its entrepreneurs and startups to local and international investors and provided them with numerous opportunities to participate in global conferences for a chance to expand their horizons and develop their projects. But that’s not all, the incubator regularly offers workshops, mentorships, and intensive training programs to aspiring entrepreneurs with tips to grow their businesses from the beginning of their journey into a local and national scale.

the tank

Digital drive towards the future
This is only the beginning of joining the widespread of the digital journey around the world. In fact, businesses and countries that seamlessly adapt to technological advancements today can lead the way in this exceedingly competitively and global business environment. This provides consumers and businesses huge implications towards growth and development.

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