Winning on the internet: when mobile games pay you money to play

The mobile game app industry has been soaring wildly and massively growing in size in the past few years, attracting both non-gamers and gamers alike. In fact, smartphone gaming has monumentally outgrown its time-wasting reputation and successfully shifted into the dominating tool (rising above Xbox and PlayStation consoles) in the gaming phenomenon. Not only is it a lucrative industry but most games offered are free and now grant their consumers and gamers enormous cash prizes as a reward for their mastery of the game.
All gamers have to do is download a game for free, play anywhere and anytime, win, and redeem rewards.

The big bang of mobile gaming
The reality is we all spend the majority of our time on our mobile phones. And now the mobile game industry is trying to find powerful ways to attract both enthusiastic gamers and casual gamers that like to get a little kick of fun in a short session.
In a few short years, gaming has evolved from a traditional one player setting to a hyped-up multiplayer interface. Now worth $46 billion, as studied by Business Insider, the world’s most popular entertainment currently owes its huge cultural effect to its interactive and competitive features. Undeniably, mobile gaming is no longer in the shadows as they introduce more innovative tech features that hook their players to be a part of the large playing field.
Games like Umniah’s UQuiz is a huge example to how powerfully innovative and amusing a game can be in bringing together the Jordanian community to rival and compete against one another while creating valuable experiences at the same time. The live 20-minute trivia game is packed with tricky multiple-choice questions, bringing together non-gamers and gamers alike to challenge their knowledge, entertain themselves for a short period of time, and compete to take the high-ranking status while unlocking some really cool rewards.
Additionally, the game offers their players two options: to view or play and take part in the hyped competition.

Fun and disruptive possibilities
The future for mobile gamers couldn’t look any better for those looking for the opportunity to gain rewards and make some quick cash on the side.
In fact, UQuiz offers a cool and simple way to earn that extra cash in your spare time, in the form of Umnicoins. If you’re a fan of bursting brain games, then this online mobile game could be a gem as it will offer you Umnicoin rewards if you’re smart enough. It’s really a no-brainer.

win money

What you get:

With each answer you score right with UQuiz, you receive 5 Umnicoins, that will automatically be added to your Umnicoin balance on your Umniah account. Alternatively, the total points accumulated can be cashed out or exchanged for services and products.

Think playing a fun challenging game for free and gaining maximum cash and rewards in only 20 minutes if you’re able to answer all questions correctly of course.
So, shall we let the games begin?

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