Know Why Google Bought Fitbit

Smartwatches are the generation’s trendy jewelry. Many people are opting to substitute their traditional fancy watches for multipurpose smartwatches. While Apple smartwatches remain at the top of the smartwatch market, other players are entering this tough competition to try and grab the market’s attention google Fitbit.

What Does Google Acquiring Fitbit Mean?

The exciting news of Google buying the well-known fitness tracker Fitbit, has been occupying technology news hubs lately.

Fitbit Smartwatch

While Google’s own smartwatch ‘Wear OS’ uses the Android operating system, Fitbit on the other hand, runs on its own operating system, the ‘Fitbit OS.’ Fitbit has stood out in the market as a pure health and fitness smartwatch that is designed to help you become more active, healthy, develop good eating habits, and sleep better.

Fitbit’s operating system and expertise in the fitness tracking industry give Google a strong foundation in building future Android-integrated wearable devices.

As popular Fitbit smartwatches continue to advance while staying simple, Google remains distinctive in Artificial Intelligence. The Google smartwatch features its popular Google Assistant that outweighs Apple’s famous “Siri,” as it is is advanced at understanding conversational speech and context. Google and Fitbit’s smart mix is a mutual opportunity. Both companies will benefit from Fitbit’s 12 years of history and popularity in the business, its 28 million active users, and Google’s Wear OS, that is set to reintroduce Made by Google smartwatches into the market.

What Will Happen To All That Fitbit Data?

During its years in the fitness and activity tracking industry, with more than 28 million active users worldwide, Fitbit has plenty of records of people’s health data. As Google purchased Fitbit, a lot of Fitbit users were concerned with what Google will do with people’s health data knowing that Google is one of the global leaders in online advertising.

Google Fitbit

Despite the new deal with Google, Fitbit explained that it won’t sell personal information and users will be in total control of their data. At the same time, Google reassured Fitbit users that they will have the choice to review, move, or delete their data and emphasized the trust Google earned from its users across all their services.

Google Fitbit or Google by Fitbit:

With this Google-Fitbit deal, chances are that we’ll see a Google Fitbit (or Fitbit by Google) smartwatch sometime in the near future. All hopes that this aspired product shall take the best of both companies and make it into a cohesive smartwatch ready to compete with the world’s leading smartwatch.

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