Would You Pay For an Uber Quiet Mode

Uber’s latest feature has been causing quite a buzz on social media. To be clear, it isn’t a button or extra service that orders your Uber driver to stay silent. It merely communicates your “preference” for a quiet ride.

Also, it is part of the new “Uber Comfort” option in UberX, where you get matched with higher-rated drivers, better cars, and the option to specify your temperature and conversation preferences. To activate this, simply go to Ride Preferences and choose the “Quiet Preferred” option.

Ride awkward-free

So, if you don’t like small talk but feel awkward about saying it out loud, or if you’re always feeling a bit guilty to ask your driver to turn the AC on or off, you can now pay 20% to 40% above the UberX cost and get matched with drivers who are qualified to this new tier. Most importantly, these drivers have accepted to be part of Uber Comfort (drivers can opt out if they feel conversation preference choices are too much).

This is great for both for riders and for drivers, who prefer to have things clear and agreed on beforehand. A bold move created by Uber, the Quiet Preferred option could help them stay ahead of other ride-sharing services as they try to cater to each and every client.

If you’re an avid Uber rider, it’ll come down to if you’re willing to pay an extra fee to let your driver know you want the AC changed and prefer some quiet on your way to a meeting, airport, or just back home after a long day.

An enhanced customer experience

The quiet mode is something that Uber drivers have wanted for a long time. Imagine you’re on the way to the airport and all you want is a moment of silence, but you get a friendly chatty driver and you don’t want to seem too rude to end the conversation. This is what it’s for and this service will be provided by certain drivers who want to provide it to you. Now you can enjoy a ride with a cranked-up AC with some silence.

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