One Million Jordanian Coders Initiative

Think of anything you have ever done on a computer! Whether you played a video game, sent an email, browsed the web, or bought something online, it would’nt have been possible without coding. Today, designers, accountants and numerous businesses are benefitting from coding, that makes it the language of the future where Jordan is hoping to become more than fluent!

To develop this promising field, the newly founded “1 Million Jordanian Coders Initiative” is on the path to provide one million young Jordanians with free online courses on coding and computer programming techniques.

This technological curriculum is also handed in hand with the Jordanian Crown Prince Foundation (CPF), the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship and the UAE Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future. As soon as prospective students finish their courses online, they are then provided with international accredited certifications that prove they are well equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to eventually enter such an industry and thrive in this competitive landscape.

According to the 2018 World Economic Forum Report, that today’s job market is heavily dependent on Artifical Intelligence, data, and cloud technology programming. This is what makes coding skills in demand across the world and careers. For instance, CPF CEO Tamam Mango stated that 65 percent of the jobs that will be created in the next ten years would be in completely new professions to the labor market.

Jordan has certainly become ready for digital transformation in the upcoming era given that the first Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship was just created in the region. Several developments that have happened in the world because of programming and Jordan can benefit by either helping out its businesses reach international standards or increase work efficiency with the implementation of coding in the work of its government.

The 1 Million Coders Jordan is also an extremely flexible program that allows students to complete their track at a comfortable duration. The track is also fitted for users who prefer to learn in Arabic, so in this case they receive Arabic subtitles, Arabic lessons texts and quizzes, and an online community platform that is Arabic supported. That’s not all, as students that are close to completing the program can then find help from partners at to secure jobs in programming fields.

According to the CPF, Jordan currently ranks first worldwide in terms of Arabic content; and with many tech start-ups benefiting from the country’s supportive ecosystem, it is certain that the kingdom of Jordan will elevate its status as well as that of the region. Programs like this are crucial attempts at pushing the youth’s boundaries to gain worldwide recognition and acclaim in an increasingly worldwide and fast-paced economy.


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