EduRobotKits: AI and the March Toward the Future!

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data taking the lead in shaping the world, they've become a prolific asset to every entrepreneur! As we continue to witness groundbreaking advancements and creations, the team at EduRobotKits decided to capitalize on their talent and create a unique Jordanian robotic-led startup that's bound to transform the traditional business scene.

A Vision for Tomorrow

Leveraging on technology, robotics, and AI, EduRobotKits is a Jordanian startup that serves to present robotic products and services to the Jordanian market while also nurturing the capabilities of Jordan’s youth.

According to Ashraf Shatat and Dr. Ala’ Khalifeh, the founders of EduRobotKits, today is a peek into what tomorrow ought to bring to light. "The world is rapidly transforming thanks to technology. Today, we're more comfortable with AI products, such as self-driven cars and taxis, whereas yesterday we would've been hesitant," said Shatat. "As we continue to witness small changes day by day, our startup aims to accelerate growth and bring Jordan closer to something bigger!"

EduRobotKits: AI and the March Toward the Future!

Setting the Pace

“By starting small, we set the pace for a better tomorrow. It’s not about diving headfirst into the future—rather, at EduRobotkits, it’s about meeting our endeavors one step at a time.”

 The startup unveiled an Autonomous Mobile Robot, capable of moving independently within areas of interest. Embedded with artificial intelligence and motion sensors, their first prototype is capable of veering away from obstacles, identifying challenges, and reaching the designated area via a GPS location system. The project aims to shed light on the field of robotics, and on autonomous vehicles in specific, where EduRobotKits provides insights through educational robotic kit and demonstrative videos.

This project is a reflection of EduRobotKit’s passion for the subject matter, along with its unique capabilities. Through its prototypes and kits, the startup aims to instill a curiousness in the Kingdom’s students, inspiring them to step forward and dare to change the world!

EduRobotKits: AI and the March Toward the Future!

The Future is on the Horizon

EduRobotKits are in the process of preparing a set of education kits that will help the students better understand the technologies used in building autonomous vehicles. These kits will include a wide array of insight and information across various fields and areas.

The Tank as a Window of Opportunity

Khalifah expressed that The Tank by Umniah not only provided them with a dynamic and budding space to unleash their creativity but also aided them in securing the needed legal and financial mentorship to jumpstart their startup. Thanks to the guidance and support of business experts, they were able to develop a unique business plan to launch their operations.

"Follow your passion," Khalifah stated at the end as a message to fellow Jordanians and aspiring entrepreneurs reading the startup’s story. "For when the odds seem against you, it's your perseverance, grit, and passion that will pave the way forward."

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