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Countless students want to pursue their education internationally but do not have the funds to do so. Many scholarships are available for students with different majors, but not all students know where to access and apply for those scholarship opportunities. With ScholaScope, students are able to do just that.

Finding an Opportunity

ScholaScope’s founder and CEO, Majd Khodari, started this website after countless struggles that he went through trying to find a scholarship opportunity. The process itself was hectic, time-consuming, and complicated, resulting in several students giving up their applications and heading to third-party agents to apply on their behalf. With that in mind, Khodari started ScholaScope with the vision that education is for everyone, and opportunities should be easier to access.

How ScholaScope works is very straightforward. Students create an account and fill out their profile, and then their requirements are matched with different opportunities using artificial intelligence. This not only helps them save time, but it also focuses on the opportunities that best meet the requirements.

"This platform is dedicated to students and universities where both parties can connect with each other and have access to thousands of opportunities," Khodari says.

ScholaScope arose from Khodari's personal experience and then from LinkedIn, a platform that connected job seekers with job opportunities. As a result, this concept appealed to Khodari, who came up with a similar idea of matching education seekers with educational institutions.

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Eliminating the Middleman

Students can now apply to universities directly through ScholaScope, without the assistance of a third party. Applications are typically processed in two weeks to two months, and students can create a profile and search for opportunities using the platform's filters.

"I find it difficult to believe that university applications are not completed in most cases; nearly 80% of students turn to third parties to apply on their behalf, even if they can't afford it," Khodari says.

ScholaScope intends to simplify the application process to universities around the world by unifying the application process. This means that through the platform, a single application can be submitted to multiple universities.

This method will be revolutionary in the admissions world, helping to elevate the experience of both parties in order to make the process faster and more efficient in an organized and reliable manner.

"The opportunities being offered and the number of students looking for them keeps growing," Khodari says, "and that number never ceases to amaze me." "Many students look for these opportunities but have no guidance on where to find all their needs in one place, wasting time and money, which is not what ScholaScope believes pursuing an education should be about," he continues.

According to Khodari, despite the fact that the education industry is constantly expanding, the growing market size of SchloaScope's competitors surprised Khodri because of the governmental limitations and restrictions educational platforms faced, "Our dedication and belief at ScholaScope allowed us to go through obstacles leading to surprising results," Khodari says.

Students can now apply to universities directly through ScholaScope

Students’ Experience

ScholaScope does not depend on marketing, it relies on word of mouth, and as a result, it has over 600 student records in its database. This is a huge accomplishment for a startup company that isn't spending any money on marketing. This shows that students who use ScholaScope are happy with their experience and are encouraging other students to use the platform.

ScholaScope is giving students access to a simple and straightforward process through their platform. ScholaScope develops journey lines, lines of communication and it is working with students to understand and ensure that they receive the support they require while looking for their ideal opportunity.

shows that students who use ScholaScope are happy with their experience

The Tank’s Role

ScholaScope is extremely grateful for the role that The Tank by Umniah played in their success as a company. As Khodari puts it, "The Tank provided us with the necessary workspace and support to develop ScholaScope in all of its departments, not to mention the fantastic opportunity to connect with stakeholders and mentors that guided us through our startup journey. Working with The Tank was a learning experience for us as a company, it gave us the right mentality and advice to keep growing as a business.”

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