Jafarshop: All your home improvement needs in one place

Looking through social media we come across home renovation videos and home improvement ideas wishing it was that easy. Now with Jafarshop, the first Arab website to specialize in selling equipment and tools for maintenance, repair, installation, or anything for your home, it’s possible with a click of a button.

Encouraging DIY Projects

Jafarshop is an online shop that has all your home improvement needs. The online store has many categories to shop from including silicones, electric tools, gardening, painting, electrical tools, car care, paint, AC units and so much more. This shop is unique because it not only provides customers with products to buy, but it also includes content articles and videos on how to use their products and apply them to any home improvement or Do-it-Yourself (DIY) projects.

CEO and founder of Jafarshop, Mohammad Bata said, “Before establishing the platform we noticed very poor Arabic content in the home improvement industry which is not served in a proper way in our region.”

Bata completed a Master of Marketing degree in England and throughout his time there, he noticed how much home improvement and DIY projects are very common among house owners and retail shops. They all contain many departments and categories with a team of trained salesmen that can give correct information on the products you need and how to use them. This made Bata want to apply the concept in Jordan, but after studying the idea, he decided to start an online store instead of a physical one because of online shopping and social media in the region.

Helping the Economy Grow

Bata has previous experience in this industry working in his family hardware and tools business, which is why he was motivated to enter this one, “all startups usually focus on 3 or 4 industries and therefore limit their abilities and ways to evolve as individual startups. The home improvement industry is not as well served and represented not only in Jordan, but in the region” he says.

Over time, while working on his startup, Bata was really surprised at the amount of work and effort it took to start one, especially with a team. The work, coordination, and time that it takes is very draining, yet rewarding. Working on something you truly believe in has its benefits, but it does have many details that make it not so easy to keep up, Bata says, “starting a company has many details and it was not easy to start a company with a team. I was really surprised by the requirements and taxes we must pay every year, which can be one of the biggest challenges for any startup. Having said that, startups are very much helping the economy grow.”

Helping the economy grow Jafarshop

How to Navigate

The Jafarshop online store is very easy to navigate, the categories available are clearly shown at the top with subcategories and a search bar is available if customers are looking for anything specific related to home improvement. They deliver to all parts of the Kingdom and have a one-month warranty on any manufacturing defects on all their products. Some products have a longer one, which is displayed in the product description.

How to navigate The Jafarshop online store

Customer Experience  

Customer experience is essential when it comes to online shops, it bases the relationship between the company and its customers and sometimes the success or failure of a business is affected by these customer experiences. According to Bata, “customer experience in Jordan within the online business industry lacks the trust between the customer and the company, this is a result of previous businesses causing distrust among customers.”

Keeping that in mind, throughout their journey, Jafarshop makes sure that each customer is satisfied with the quality of services provided and if customers have any inquiries, they can easily contact customer service and they will reach out and solve any issues or answer any inquiries maximizing their home improvement experience.

Bata says, “At Jafarshop we care about serving the customer and giving them accurate information to build trust between us.”

The Tank’s Role

Since customer service is at the top of their priority, it was important for Jafarshop to work with an entity that builds on this relationship between the customer and the company. Working with the Tank by Umniah helped in connecting with organizations and investors that support startups. The Tank also gave Jafarshop and its team a workspace which helped in enhancing their management skills as a company.

Bata says, “The atmosphere was great to work in and the connections we gained with experts in our fields through coaching and workshops was wonderful. The Tank played a big role in enhancing our skills and experience as a company.”

Bata goes on, “Jafarshop hopes to keep growing and serving more people in Jordan and Egypt while expanding to other markets in the region and producing content in Arabic to help spread home improvement and maintenance knowledge.”

For more information visit their website: https://www.jafarshop.com/

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