The 2018 MENA ICT Forum took place on the 10th and 11th of September at the modern and high-tech King Hussein Business Park in Amman. This event was in partnership with the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and is made possible by the support of His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein.

What makes this event so significant?

The MENA ICT Forum marked its ninth edition and was hosted by the Information and Communication Technology Association of Jordan. What started as a local conference, the Jordan ICT forum, developed into the MENA region’s most significant gathering of ICT experts, decision-makers, and industry players.

Two years ago, 600 high-level decision-makers gathered at the Forum’s 2016 edition to spread riveting knowledge about ICT success stories, latest trends, opportunities, and future outlook. Previous ICT Forum keynote speakers included Intel’s CEO Craig Barrett, Cisco’s Chairman John Chambers, Amazon’s CTO and VP Werner Vogels, and many other top-tier executives and entrepreneurs. The event, with an audience of C-suite business executives, government leaders, policymakers, non-profit executives, venture capitalists, angel investors, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and hobbyists, was so captivating that nine out of ten delegates confirmed they would attend again.

2018 Theme

The Forum’s theme this year was The New IT: Innovative Technology. Inspired by the continuous innovation and evolvement of technology, the committee believes that innovative technologies are becoming the dominant focal point that inevitably changes our world - from self-driving vehicles and smart cities to facial recognition and intelligent applications.

mena ict forum

Why attending the MENA ICT Forum was a valuable experience

A new ecosystem is currently evolving and transforming our lives as we speak. Both disruption and innovation are intertwined and those that seize the growing opportunities will succeed in the digital world. It is time to harness the power of innovation and new technologies as well as the rise of digital trends as they are our world’s valuable resources

The Forum provided the chance to learn first-hand about the constantly evolving factors of the industry and its latest developments, benefiting our organization, boosting our knowledge, and upping our performance.

Its opportunities are vast - granting the chance to network and engage with some of the biggest decision-makers and professionals on the scene, as well as exchanging ideas with an opportunity to expand your contact base.

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