POSRocket: POS Solutions on the Cloud

If you’ve ever worked in the restaurant or retail business, chances are you had to use a POS system. If you’ve never worked in those industries, but frequent them as a client, you’ve probably heard “the system is down” one too many times. Clunky, expensive, and prone to crashes, older POS systems are being phased out for more streamlined, efficient, and flexible cloud-based POS solutions like POSRocket, which are harnessing the power of the cloud to transform POS systems across the region.

What’s POS?

POS means “point of sale”, which is the place where customers pay for the goods or services they wish to purchase. POS systems largely relied on a local server, connected to the different POS in the business, and physically connected with cables. This was complex and expensive to install and was prone to crashes because of the reliance on so many physical pieces of hardware connected to each other, in a demanding environment such as a busy cafe, restaurant, or boutique.

POS rocket
Enter the Cloud

The added value of cloud computing in POS systems has become increasingly hard to ignore. The most important advantage is that the hardware and software you had to purchase and install yourself, can now be used as a service on the cloud when you need it. This slashes down the initial costs needed to set up a POS local server and eliminates the need to maintain and operate it, replacing it with a service you can pay for as required from the cloud.

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How POSRocket is Transforming POS in the MENA Region

With clients in Jordan, Egypt, and the GCC countries, POSrocket is helping boost and streamline businesses in different sectors that rely on a POS system with their customers and patrons.

1- Secure Data
Important data such as your sales records, customer contact details, loyalty points, and other data points you collect are stored on a secure, off-site data center. This means that the risk of the data being corrupted or lost if your local POS server crashes or gets damaged, is no longer an issue to worry about. Another benefit is the ease of expanding your available storage, which no longer needs hardware upgrades, just a simple increase of access to storage on the cloud.

2- Quick and Simple Installation
The complex installation process of old POS systems is no longer an issue with cloud-based POS services such as POSRocket. An iPad might be all your business needs, and POSRocket provides a variety of hardware options to provide what your business needs, such as barcode scanners, receipt printers, and cash drawers.

3- One Device
The beauty of cloud-based services is that there is no need to physically connect all your POS hardware. Business owners can view all the data from all their different devices, or even multiple branches, on one device. This allows businesses to keep track of sales and other metrics in their establishment, even when they’re not physically there.

4- Inventory and Staff
Inventory can be some of the most time-consuming tasks when running a business, and POSRocket can help business owners stay on top of that with inventory management services to know when to order what and ensure no delay in catering to your customers. Employees can also change shifts in a matter of seconds, with the records and stats of each employee logged as well, helping managers and owners schedule their shifts better and optimize efficiency based on the data.

The Future of POSApart from all the above, cloud-based POS services helps manage cash payouts and ensure your cash drawer is always accurate. What’s special about POSrocket, is that the system works even when not connected to the Internet, making sure that “the system is down” will never again be heard at your restaurant, boutique, cafe, or other service and retail business.
Apart from being much more affordable, cloud-based POS systems provide the versatility of accepting payments that no longer require the customer or employee to walk to and from the register, but simply grab an iPad and make any part of your business an easy point of sale.
Cloud computing has become a vital part of many industries, from finance to tech and customer service. Cloud integration into POS systems can help businesses grow, become more efficient and help in creating data-driven strategies to ensure the satisfaction of every customer. Dozens have businesses have already made the switch in Jordan, Egypt, and GCC, with many more slated to integrate systems like POSRocket in the near future.

POSRocket: POS Solutions on the Cloud

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