Engagesoft: Driving Organizational Success

Business owners, managers, and avid business readers know that the key to organizational success is its employees. Whenever employees are engaged at work, they tend to yield better results, mostly reflected in terms of greater brand positioning, higher customer satisfaction, and more profit 

All those at the top of the corporate hierarchy relentlessly work on keeping their employees engaged, but the truth is, employee engagement is not an easy task. So, to ease the process and help businesses increase employee engagement, Jordanian entrepreneur Tareq Tahboub decided to put his computer skills to work and develop the right solution: Engagesoft. 

An Insight Into Engagesoft 

Two years after his graduation from Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Tahboub was offered the chance to work at a Japanese software company. “The move to Japan was enlightening,” Tahboub explained. “While being there, I didn’t just cultivate and sharpen my skills, but I was inspired to create Engagesoft.”  

According to Tahboub, the Japanese work culture was more structured and disciplined than he had seen in Jordan. Leaders were very keen on enforcing a better corporate culture that yielded higher employee engagement. After seeing all the success their efforts generated, Tahboub returned to the kingdom and opened his own software company. He went on to create Engagesoft: a software that enables organizations to increase employee engagement through the use of data analytics and AI. 

An Insight Into Engagesoft 

The Software’s Anatomy 

Tahboub wanted to develop a tool that will build a comprehensive understanding of employee engagement and enable managers to create action plans and measure their impact. So, he made sure to integrate all that in his software. 

 Engagesoft identifies employee engagement levels, evaluates the insights it captured, and enables the management team to develop a structured plan to address gaps and leverage on opportunities,” Tahboub commented. 

The analyzed data reflects employee life cycles, exit analysis, and work inquiries, which permits to study managerial actions when company leaders address issues. After all the data is collected, Engagesoft generates reports to identify strengths and areas to work on. 

The Obstacles Along the Way 

The entrepreneurial path is littered with challenges and obstacles. During the discussion, Tahboub recalled that aside from figuring out the mechanics of the software, he found the research part to be the most hectic. “We needed to identify engagement attributes and factors to be included and analyzed in order to generate reports and plans. This required a lot of reflection and a hefty amount of research.”  

 The pandemic didn’t make things easier. Tahboub had to postpone the launch of Engagesoft and feared that with the new “Work From Home” policies would drastically influence sales. 

The Obstacles Along the Way 

The Tank: Building the Future  

“We were exposed to various opportunities thanks to The Tank by Umniah,” declared Tahboub. “What my startup benefitted from the most was undoubtedly the consultation sessions and the networking opportunities.”  

 Tahboub praised the incubator and its staff, explaining that it was a natural choice for him. Despite the knowledge he had accumulated over the years, he was surprised to know that there was still so much to learn. And thanks to the team at The Tank, he managed to gather sufficient knowledge to build his startup. 

With plans to increase his offerings and enrich his current model, Tareq Tahboub expresses his excitement for the future. He wanted to leave a final message to all the aspiring entrepreneurs, urging them to keep on creating as much as they can. “You have the ability to come up with infinite ideas. Find the one you love, build something beautiful, and don’t stop until you bring it to life.” 

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