SpaceDeco Showcases Designers and Architects

When looking for an interior architect or designer to decorate and reshape your home, it can get quite tricky. In a sea of creatives with unique flair and ideas by designers and architects, it’s hard to find the perfect fit that will help bring your vision to life. To make interior design easier and seamless, SpaceDeco was set in motion.

An Insight Into SpaceDeco

According to Sara Al Khatib, SpaceDeco’s founder, the startup is an online platform that showcases Jordanian talents’ work in the field of interior architecture and design. It serves to connect local talents to those who seek design and furnishing services by accentuating the work of independent freelancers and displaying them online.

“I’ve always craved independent work, but I never knew how hard it was to market your skills and find clients when there are so many people who are trying to do the same,” admitted Al Khatib. She explained that 8 years after working in the corporate world, she took a leap of faith and decided to become a freelance interior architect.

Following the trials faced, and with the aim of helping all those who share her struggle, she decided to create her startup. “SpaceDeco’s main objective is to connect freelancers with people seeking design and furnishing services, playing a pivotal role in not only decreasing the gap between supply and demand but also allowing local talents to effectively market themselves.”

An Insight Into SpaceDeco

The Ins and Out of The Startup

SpaceDeco targets interior architects and designers looking to either leave the rigid corporate world or dip their toes in the freelance realm. “Think of us as a niche marketplace,” Al Khatib said. After seeking out the aforementioned talents, or them reaching out to us, we closely monitor their work. When the quality of work is deemed suitable, we share their project’s deliverables with our clients. As for how the process goes, we typically match the client with the top 3 interior architects and designers that meet the client’s needs, style and budget, for them to pick out who they think is the best fit for their project.”

SpaceDeco targets interior architects and designers

Challenges and Opportunities

According to Al Khatib, the greatest challenge she has faced, and is still facing, is securing funding. “Currently, SpaceDeco is a self-funded project. However, I’m continuously seeking programs to help accelerate the startup’s development and propel it forward.”

As for when she was asked about the pandemic, which was seen as a major challenge for businesses, Al Khatib thought of it more of an opportunity. “The pandemic didn’t just raise the demand for digitization, but it also increased the demand for freelancers. Concurrently, it was the driving force that made me create SpaceDeco.”

Challenges and Opportunities

How The Tank Impacted the Startup?

The Tank by Umniah has been very supportive since start. From financial management workshops to one-on-one coaching and networking opportunities, they have aided me in receiving my vocational license and followed up on SpaceDeco’s progress to make sure it achieves bigger milestones throughout the incubation journey,” Al Khatib shared as she recalled her experience at the Tank.

On a final note, Sara addressed young Jordanians and entrepreneurs in general, encouraging them to keep on dreaming big and never giving up.

“When you have an idea that you wholeheartedly believe in, don’t give up. Find ways to keep yourself motivated despite all the challenges and bumps on the road and keep on going.” Sara concluded.

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