ArabiMotors Has You Covered

For those who know a lot about cars, good for you, but for those who don’t then this Jordanian startup will have you becoming an expert. Whether you are looking for a place to buy, sell or even browse through cars then keep reading because this startup is one of a kind.

Converting Test Drives into a Virtual Showroom

ArabiMotors is a digital automotive online marketplace that provides blanket coverage for the auto market in the MENA region. Through this website, users are able to sell and buy vehicles of various kinds whether it be passenger cars, commercial or even bikes.

You can also finance solutions through the website like taking auto loans and insurance with a few other services available as well.

ArabiMotors is a digital automotive online marketplace

The main aim of this website is to make buying a car much easier, faster and more enjoyable. By making this online service more efficient and integrated for both dealers and customers, it is providing a better experience online.

The founder and general manager of ArabiMotors, Ibrahim Owais says, “ArabiMotors is the sole company in the MENA region that has blanket coverage for the whole automotive industry”

Owais, a car enthusiast, has been in the automotive industry since 1993. He wanted to find a solution for many issues in the market for both the retailers and consumers, therefore, coming up with ArabiMotors.

Car Dealers Here’s a Deal For You

ArabiMotors features many management tools in three categories for dealers to access through their account login. If you are a dealer then here are three easy steps for you to kickstart your dealing business

1. Analyze:

for dealers to gain a better understanding of which digital marketing products influence consumers and lead to sales. This data is shown through high-quality consumer engagement data from ArabiMotors.

Through the quality management system, the quality of website visits and vehicle merchandising is measured. Therefore, dealers are provided with a sales attribution in addition to insights.

Data is integrated across ArabiMotors digital advertising products, including websites, advertising, managed service content and creativity, experience optimization as well as digital retailing.

2. Strategize:

delivering data-driven, media-buying budget recommendations tailored specifically to influence shoppers at every stage of the online shopping process. This reviews campaign performance in real-time to continue optimizing current and future strategies based on these results.

This provides dealers with complete control and flexibility to adjust campaign plans based on their strategies, messaging, audience size, budget and business goals.

3. Manage:

This tool offers back-office management for multiple tools that help dealers gain control of their digital showrooms. This helps dealers to configure every aspect of their powered website and control their online inventory. In doing so, these tools help dealers to execute profitable merchandising strategies effectively and instantly

Car Dealers Here’s a Deal For You

An Enjoyable Experience From The Comfort Of Your Own Screen

This new website, the first that covers everything in the automotive industry, has been in the works since 2015, “the idea came to be in 2015, but we postponed the launch because of challenges here in the region” Owais goes on, “we even developed a mature prototype within ecosystem API links.”

Throughout the process of their launch and their preparations, ArabiMotors has attracted many companies within the automotive industry even before they officially launched. Many companies in the industry such as garages, insurance companies, service centres, roadside assistance among others, reached out to collaborate with ArabiMotors.

car test

ArabiMotors’ main goal for their analytics products is to be able to turn data into information that can be acted upon. This goal gives clients unparalleled visibility into the information they can trust and use to operate their business.

On their website, ArabiMotors has a user-friendly tool where customers and dealers alike can both get the most out of the website. Customers wanting to browse cars can easily add the information they are looking for such as the make, price range and year among other filters to find the right car for them.

The website also includes a 360-degree virtual view of the cars for users to enjoy the full experience from the comfort of their screen.

The Tank

ArabiMotors has been a part of The Tank by Umniah and has received support over the years. The Tank has been supporting businesses and startups in many ways throughout its seasons, they have played a vital role in ArabiMotors’ success in Jordan. CEO Ibrahim Owais says, “The Tank is an exclusive supportive entity when it comes to best advice and guidance.” Umniah continues to support startups in its next season of the Tank.

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