Guide To Eat And Drink In Jordan

When you’re traveling, and you’re stomach starts to rumble, go where the locals eat. This is especially accurate in Jordan’s bustling capital city Amman. The great thing about Jordan is the variety of food and desserts you’ll be able to try. There’s something here for everybody, and more than enough to make you feel satisfied with the perfect appetizing culmination to your holiday.

Hashem – Downtown, Amman

Known as one of the most legendary street food restaurants in Jordan, Hashem is famous for serving the satisfied from all walks of life since 1952. Set in the bustling part of Downtown, this place is the epitome for all your food loving dreams. Picture this: as soon as you arrive to the restaurant and comfortably sit yourself outside, your food will magically appear from one of the many attentive staffs. No menus available here, but what is on the menu is everything! Enjoy a local and authentic food experience with the best falafels, hummus and much more for all your heart desires. Great atmosphere and great food; you can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner here. Eat your heart out.

Just leave some room for dessert as you head on over to…

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Habibah Sweets – Downtown, Amman

Ok, this place truly lives up to its name! Habibah is the female way of saying ‘beloved’ in Arabic, as opposed to its origin world, habibi. You will fall in love with the special Jordanian delicacies here and lucky for you, you can take your favorite Habibah items back home, perfectly packed for safe travels.

This is a place where you can have dessert for breakfast. Jordanians truly know the way to please their cravings. Try the freshly made Kunafa in the morning, a freshly melted mozzarella, pastry covered, syrup-soaked dessert. Truly a mouthful.

What else is on the menu of this traditional sweet boutique? Baklava, ice cream, cakes, pastries, mamol, and much much more.

Truly a generous dessert heaven.

kunafa in jordan

Shawarma Al Reem – 2nd Circle

This is one of the oldest places serving shawarma in Amman. It’s a street kitchen concept, so stand in line and prepare to make your order. Just to give you a heads up, make sure you order 2 or 3 sandwiches for yourself. Reasons being, you will have the best shawarma of your life, this is the way Jordanians have it, and you’ll finish your first one in no time, and you’ll still want more!

It is authentic, out of this world delicious, and you’ll be feeling extremely satisfied.

Al Quds Restaurant – Downtown, Amman

Jordan’s traditional delicious dish is served here. Make sure you come here on an empty stomach and order the Mansaf, a national dish made of delectable and soft cooked lamb, served with rice and fermented yogurt. Cooked to perfection with delicious local flavors, this platter is large enough to feed more than one person. Truly, the perfect way to enjoying a meal with your friends and family.

mansaf in jordan

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