Six Must-Watch TV Series in 2019

The rise of streaming websites and on-demand TV experiences has meant that traditional television stations have upped their game, but new players are also getting into the fierce fight for your eyeballs and emotional attachment to the characters they script. More than 500 original scripted series were released in 2018, and 2019 promises to be even more crowded.

This increase in quantity means the search for the best quality TV shows is more important than ever before. Below are six TV shows to clear your binge-watching schedule for this year.

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1- Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 6)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is testament to what outraged fans can do. After FOX canceled the beloved TV show, outrage online peaked to unprecedented levels. The uproar and the loyal following of the star-studded prompted NBC to quickly pick it up from FOX, and the new season began to drop in January of 2019.
The adventures of Jake and Amy (who got married in the Season 5 finale) continue, with Captain Holt up for Commissioner of the NYPD and Rosa, Sergeant Terry, Boyle, Gina and the rest of the 99th precinct delivering the unique blend of comedy. The same type of comedy that made the prospect of canceling such a beloved show so hard to accept by die-hard fans and casual watchers alike.

2- Game of Thrones (Season 8)

In its 8th year, Game of Thrones is undoubtedly the defining series of the decade. The Sunday night fixture on HBO has millions wait eagerly, with millions more downloading it illegally, and friendships broken because one of them ruined it for the others before they got a chance to watch the latest episode.
Winter has finally come to Westeros, and the dragons and white walkers have finally met. This season is the shortest ever, with only six episodes slated to broadcast starting April 2019. However, the anticipation of watching the different warring factions of the Seven Kingdoms attempt to come together to fight a common enemy has us all itching with anticipation.

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3- True Detective (Season 3)

Season 1 was without question an iconic piece of television by any standard. Whether it’s the superb acting, the obscure philosophical references or the distinct cinematography, fans were left wanting more. Season 2 failed to live up to expectations unfortunately, and the season felt half-baked and unimpressive.
Season 3 promises to be the True Detective series’ redemption, and given it’s been four years since the last season, fans are hoping the distinctly complex form of storytelling is back, this time purportedly taking place in three different time periods.

4- Watchmen (Season 1)

The rise of superhero universes in the past decade has been a defining feature for both contemporary TV and cinema. That’s why the HBO reimagining of Watchmen: a world where superheroes are seen as a menace to be hunted down instead of saviors to venerate, has many avid fans of the small screen ready for this adventure.
The darker take on the usually-PG superhero, world-building genre will be a welcome change that many adult fans have proven works, despite big studios and networks showing aversion for this sort of production.

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5- Russian Doll (Season 1)

Russian Doll is a perfect example of a show that has masterfully and subtly put female characters in roles traditionally reserved for male leads, and male characters into supporting roles usually associated with female characters.
Apart from that refreshing aspect, the plot uses the interesting but tricky premise of reliving the exact day over and over, like Groundhog Day, with the lead character putting the pieces together and trying to figure it out keeping the audience on their toes and asking them the inescapable question of “what would I do!?” in the same situation.

6- Stranger Things (Season 3)

The love letter to 80s sci-fi seemed like it’d be a one-off, but Season 2 only solidified Stranger Things’ effect on today’s pop culture, with words like “The Upsidedown” entering our lexicon and the young stars growing closer to fans’ hearts.
Season 3 will drop on Netflix this July, with a brand-new mall in the 1985 town set to be the centerpiece of supernatural and alien adventures in the small town of Hawkins in Indiana.

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