5 New Entertainment Activities in Jordan

We are living in a world hungry for entertainment and fun distractions.  Entertainment has always been viewed as a significant factor in bringing family and friends together. It was purposefully created to supply people with delight and diverting their attention from the reality they are living in.

Between running towards convenient activities and meeting the demands of people, the true meaning of entertainment recently became limited to video games or any online gaming app.

On a closer scale, some Jordanians have taken this opportunity into great consideration and reversed the way people viewed “entertainment”. They optimized and added multiple new outdoor activities for people to enjoy during their leisure times.

Indoor Rock Climbing:

Having been a great source of competition alongside exercise, Indoor Rock climbing is one of the exercises adopted. It is age friendly, fun, and grants you a sense of accomplishment. The best, most recommended place for indoor rock climbing in Jordan is Climbat Amman.


What better way to spend your time than engaging in an actual real-time paint shooting competition? The adrenaline rush and excitement experienced makes it hard for friends to refuse participating.  Some of the approved places include Xtreme Jordan Club, Blutactical, and Jordan Paintball club.


The go-to activity for most teenagers and young adults. The sense of “control” and thrush of excitement are the two qualities that make up this activity’s popularity. The exhilarating sense accompanied gives riders some form of freedom. The two famous places for Karting in Jordan are Jordan Speed Center and Manja International Circuits


This traditional method of transportation is gaining popularity and is being acquired by many. Cycling to unknown destinations in an open road paves way to adventures many people seek. The best cycling trails in Jordan include Jerash, Kerak Castle, Madaba, Petra and many more.

Art Galleries:

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”
A place for Imagination, peace of mind and freedom of expression. Looking for these attributes for your trip? Make sure to visit Darat El funun, Dar Al Anda, Arts of Sham Countries and Jacaranda Images.


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