What is 5G Revolution?

As of now, telecommunication providers everywhere are gearing towards 5G services. An ambitious approach in mobile internet, 5G promises a robust real-time operation with super-fast speed and lower latency. It promises to work according to how we want it, arguably a huge potential to put an end to delays in communication, acting as a gliding and uninterrupted passage in the Internet of Things (IoT).

What is 5G?

The name given to the newest and latest fifth generation of internet, it is basically the next generation in wireless communication technology – an upgrade to 4G and all its ‘G’ predecessors of 3G, 2G, and 1G. In hopes to be the last of its kind (with no ‘G’ era to follow), 5G will act as a powerful catalyst, enabling a seamless, secure, and connected ecosystem. With a 5G future, things will be very different - we expect to shift to a flexible and fast system that is adaptable and easily upgraded according to the world’s needs.

Does 5G have what it takes?

We don’t really know what 5G is capable of yet and it will be years before we understand its powerful abilities. Today 5G is an idea invention for the years ahead. Although the first 5G rollout dazzled fans at this year’s Winter Olympics in South Korea, we know that it is the leading and lightning fast technology in sharing information under high mobile traffic, eventually surpassing 4G.

Unlike the 4G LTE networks that functioned on lower frequency waves, 5G needs to operate on high frequency wireless spectrum. High frequency waves are known for their disadvantages in traveling through buildings, walls, and other barriers. This is a whole other story to the country’s infrastructure and architecture. So, telecommunication providers will have to build more antennas that are closer together to transfer information and data at high speed. Achieving connectivity is one of the main challenges for this new technology. As anything else in mobile connectivity, 5G is still in its beginning.

What does this mean for Consumers?

Faster connectivity, faster communication, and faster performance – we are definitely more than ready to welcome this new era in mobile technology. At 10 gigabytes per second, you will be able to download your favorite film in seconds. Talk about crazy fast.

5G is designed with billions of devices and their need for connectivity in mind, so it will have to be engineered to adjust to the demands of each device accordingly.  It is designed to provide consumers with a rich mobile experience.

One thing to keep in mind though, is to hold off from buying a new phone as it will probably not be 5G compatible. That’s right, eventually everyone will have to buy a new phone to keep up with connectivity demands. Did mobile carriers plan this?

Connecting Everything Around Us

5G will transform the nature of how we interact with everything around us – it will mark the flow of the IoT in the future, where objects like wearable devices, AI, drones, self-driving cars, and smart homes can transmit data in real-time.

As 5G becomes smarter so will devices. In fact, mobile usage is set to dominate in a few years, ultimately breaking the realm to faster decision making. Wearable devices with location sensors and smart home objects, will work together to transmit data and gather information in real time to their connected apps on our phones, further extending the speed we receive information. This fusion of mind and intelligence powered by a connected ecosystem brings powerful insights, improves our lives, and widens our connection more than ever before.  

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