Most Anticipated Movies of 2020

With all of the movies coming out in 2020 there’s bound to be one with your name on it. From action to romance, this year we’ve got you covered with a wide range of genres we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Let’s get right into it! Here’s a list of some of the most anticipated movies coming out this 2020.

No Time to Die
Age rating: PG-13

In the 25th installment of the James Bond film series, agent 007 is approached by fellow friend and CIA officer Felix Leiter. Bond becomes enlisted to aid in the search of a missing scientist, but danger never seems to stop following him. From the looks of the trailer, this James Bond film will be nothing short of phenomenal! So, get ready to watch your favorite spy this April 2020.

Video credit to: James Bond 007

Fast and Furious: F9
Age rating: PG-13

To all of you racing fanatics, F9 AKA the ninth installment of the famous series Fast and Furious is hitting the big screen this May! The popular franchise returns with an old face and a new one. This time our favorite street racers join forces to battle the most skilled assassin and high-performance driver they have ever encountered—Jakob Toretto, Dominic’s younger brother who is working with their old enemy Cipher. This comes as a complete shock since Dom never mentioned having a brother before. And instead of a heartfelt reunion between the two, the film highlights the bad blood between them.

Video credit to: The Fast Saga

Top Gun: Maverick
Age rating: PG-13

This actor didn’t lie when he said that he looks for a challenge and something different. Remember how the web went crazy with footage of Tom Cruise flying an aircraft? We think you know where we’re heading with this one. Tom Cruise has always said that his dream as a kid was to fly airplanes and make movies. And, we can safely say that he accomplished his dream with the June 2020 upcoming movie Top Gun: Maverick. Expect a lot of action, flying, and drama from this one! Did you know that Cruise is a pilot in real life too? And, he’ll actually be flying some aircrafts in this movie. Get ready to watch Tom’s character Pete "Maverick" Mitchel face an uncertain future while confronting ghosts from his past, facing his biggest fear, and heading to a mission that requires the ultimate sacrifice.

Video credit to: Paramount Pictures

A Quiet Place Part II
Age rating: 14+

For all you horror movie lovers, we’ve got a title you’re going to love. Do you remember the phenomenal movie A Quiet Place? Strong characters, exceptional sound design, scarier than five missed calls from your mother? Despite the movie rarely having any dialogue, this contributed to making it all the more unique and exceptional. This March 2020, the Abbot family returns as they fight for survival once again in silence. But it seems that the creatures that hunt the sound aren’t the only ones lurking around. You might need to prepare yourself for A Quiet Place Part II. Something tells us that it might be a little scarier than the first movie.

Video credit to: Paramount Pictures


I Still Believe
Age rating: PG

And now for our final destination: Romance. You might want to get a box of tissues with you if you want to watch this movie. We’re joking. You’ll probably need more. Another movie making its debut in March 2020 is I Still Believe. We can all agree that love might just be the best and hardest experience in one’s life. Both a romance and drama film, it follows the love story of singer-songwriter Jeremy Camp and his first wife Melissa. Camp, who married Melissa despite knowing that she’s dying from ovarian cancer loses her shortly after their marriage. The title of the movie happens to be the name of the first song Camp wrote after his wife’s death. If that description alone makes tears swim in your eyes, what do you think this movie will do?

Video credit to: Lionsgate Movies

While there are a lot more movies coming out in 2020, we hope you’re as excited as us when it comes to the ones we’ve listed! Which movie are you most excited to watch? Make sure to mark your calendars and grab the best seat in the room when you go watch it!

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