Jordan: The Middle East’s Medical Oasis

From boasting one of the world’s most ancient and beautiful archaeological sites, Jordan has proven to be a fresh spring in the Arab World with the number of tourists it attracts year after year. Yet, another side of tourism seems to be untapped, and according to his Majesty, King Hussein of Jordan, Medical Tourism is one of the nation’s treasures that should be highlighted in the ultimate aim of making Jordan a world-class destination for global travelers seeking such a service.

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Middle Eastern Medical Expertise “Par Excellence.”

In its most recent accounts, the World Bank has ranked the Kingdom in the top five global destinations and number one in the region. Such appraisals don’t only stem from International Organizations; recently, Deputy Saudi Ambassador to Jordan Muhamad Atiq stated that around 70,000 Saudis visited Jordan in 2018 for medical treatment including some 13,500 who were admitted to hospitals. Atiq reiterated his trust in the Jordanian medical industry by stating that Saudi patients come to Jordanian medical centers because of their “good reputation.”

In more general terms, Jordan’s Private Hospital Association reported that more than 48 nationalities travel to receive medical treatment, among which are cardiovascular and cancer treatments, kidney transplants and in vitro fertilization among others. The latter culminates into approximately $1bn in revenue or 4% to Jordan’s Gross Domestic Product. Among many private and public healthcare institutions, a number of facilities in Jordan have received distinctive global accreditations such as the JCAHO international (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) accreditation bestowed upon the Jordan hospital and the JCI accreditation (Joint Commission International) received by the King Hussein Cancer Center.

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A Home to Medicinal Healing Destinations

A touristic destination that has been attracting medical visitors from all over the region is the Dead Sea, well known for being the world’s first health resort. Individuals suffering from several skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis have resorted to the Dead Sea due to its healing properties and that of its environment.

Another destination also well sought by individuals looking for healing properties is the Ma’in Hot Springs that are conveniently located just 13 kilometers from the Dead Sea. The cascading hot springs provide visitors with therapeutic properties to treat their muscle pains, skin diseases, blood circulation, and joints and back pains - all for an unparalleled relaxation experience.

What Really Attracts Patients to Choose Jordan for Medical Tourism

Apart from the latter, Jordan’s well maintained historical sites, diplomatic relations with many countries make traveling to Jordan relatively more accessible. Lately, the government has rectified a commission to regulate the sector, designing full bundles of medical tourism services, or door-to-door services, and promoting the sector abroad. Medical tourism is expected to grow even further through the provision of high-quality products and better coordination between stakeholders.

Jordan provides the perfect balance between medical treatments, wellness, and medical destinations. This is an interesting and essential mix where patients can heal and relax during their stay while undergoing their required medical procedures.

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