How to Travel Jordan on a Budget

While we all wish we can put all our financial worries aside on a travel escapade and venture off the beaten path whenever we like, we sometimes are forced to face reality and prioritize our budget.

Luckily, Jordan has a lot to offer for all walks of travelers. Prepare to have your mind blown as you explore the most historical parts of Petra, discover the flawless desert mountains of Wadi Rum, and experience a one of a kind enriching beauty while swimming in the Dead Sea.


Good budget accommodation options are in the old town of Amman. Make sure to check out any hostels and budget friendly hotels around this area. You can check out some Bed & Breakfast hotels for a really affordable and quality experience.


If you’re looking to save money on transportation costs, your best bet is to either rent a car or hire a local driver to take you around. You can always manage to find a way to bargain with the driver on an agreeable price and they will also gladly help you find the best spots to eat on the cheap or any restaurants you’d like to indulge yourself in.

Activities Itinerary

If your first day is in Amman, you can choose to visit some of its ancient ruins while you explore the city. Located on a hill in the center of downtown Amman, Citadel, also known as the Temple of Hercules, is the oldest inhabited site providing a picture perfect panoramic view of the city.

Just downhill from the Citadel is the Roman Amphitheater, Amman’s most famous landmark dating back to the Roman period, as obvious as its name. Enough to seat 6,000 people and a regular sporting event in the summer, you can pretty much envision how people in the past would gather to watch the social events here.

Next, you can catch a 10-minute drive and visit King Abdullah Mosque, also known as the blue-domed mosque, and the only mosque in the country accepting visits from non-Muslims. It is worth a visit as the mosque can also be pin pointed miles away within the entire city. At the door, women will be provided with gowns to cover themselves, while men are recommended to wear long pants.

King Abdullah Mosque
King Abdullah Mosque

Known as Jordan’s ancient city and three hours away from Amman by car, it is highly recommended that you take a move on and arrive as soon as you possibly can to this magnificent historical archaeological site. Have a walk around, immerse yourself in Petra’s world wonder, and take it all in. It is all truly a sight you will never forget. If you are feeling frisky, you might as well sit on top and enjoy a camel walk to experience the rest of the treasury.

Wadi Musa:

Depending on how much you want to spend, you can choose to sleep here for the night before your next and upcoming excursion. Wadi Musa is in fact the surrounding region of Petra. Many travelers flock to visit Moses’ Spring, supposedly where Moses slammed a rock into brownish water, making it drinkable. Truly a historical wonder.

wadi musa
Wadi Rum:

A one-and-a-half-hour drive away from Wadi Musa, it is extremely recommended that travelers stay here for at least one or two days. Think star gazing at night and camping with the Bedouins by the fire; it is truly one magical experience. Wake up early the next morning by sunrise and hike the red sand dune desert. It is a truly authentic and remarkable experience.

wadi rum
Dead Sea:

Once back in Amman, take a 40-minute ride to make sure you spend your last day basking yourself with the wonders of the Dead Sea. Lather yourself with the enriching and beautifying mud and then dip into the saline water for some miraculous floating action.


If you feel like heading further and you have more money to spend, you can drive an extra hour to Aqaba, Jordan’s charming port city, located right at the Red Sea. Enclosed with beautiful palm trees, you can loosen and unwind right at this relaxing crystal blue watered sea.

deadsea jordan

Food in Jordan is largely in favor of your dietary habits and budget! If you don’t want to splurge at fancy restaurants, you will find numerous stands selling falafels, shawarmas, and fresh juices to quench your thirst. There’s a variety of vegetarian food as well so you’ll never go hungry! Make sure to try some Arabic coffee and tea as well.


Visit the local bazaar for classic and authentic Mediterranean goods. Take the Jordanian taste with you back home as you try some exotic spices and natural remedial herbs.

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