Autonomous Cars Shape The Future

Artificial intelligence continues on revolutionizing our world by granting machines the ability to perform an array of human tasks. From intelligent personal assistants like Siri and Alexa to self-driving cars, technologically-powered machines are gradually taking over our lives impacting and transforming how we live and work. Autonomous cars possess unique predictive and recognition capabilities that differentiate them from any other Artificial Intelligence innovation. Empowered with abundant knowledge of their surroundings, these self-driving cars identify and retain various patterns that allow them to solely operate. Here are 5 mind-blowing ways in which Autonomous cars reshape our future:

1- Reduces CO2 emissions

A typical vehicle emits about 4.7 metric tons of CO2 per year. This numeric value constantly changes as it highly depends on the vehicle’s fuel capacity and number of miles driven. Automated Cars ensure the efficiency and optimization of fuel consumption reducing CO2 emissions by 60%. These cars display organized and coordinated driving patterns that diminish continuous acceleration and braking. This contributes to reducing global warming by cutting greenhouse gas pollution.

2- Decreases Traffic Jam

New mathematical algorithms are being developed allowing these autonomous cars to coordinate with one another alleviating traffic congestion. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication prevents the ongoing stop-and-go waves caused by human behavior. A sufficient example would be, self-driving cars will never stop at a red light as all vehicles are coordinated.

Autonomous Cars
3- Ensures road safety

Speeding and hazardous driving take away the lives of many on a yearly basis. Self-driving cars are programmed to move at a specific pace ruling out the potentiality of high-speed driving. In addition to that, they are sensory embedded. Hence, they detect any other vehicle preventing unexpected crashes.

4- Increases free time

On average, people spend at least two hours per day driving. Time is precious to everyone. That being said, automated cars increase leisure time as people are free for other activities such as reading, sports or even watching a movie.

5- Opens the door to job opportunities

On one hand, automated cars leave drivers out of jobs but increases demand for tech-related jobs on another hand. Self-driving cars follow sets of complex instructions and programs designed by technologically skilled and literate individuals. Its success and safety is measured by its error-free specification.

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