Hands on review on the latest GoPro Hero 7 Black

One of the most popular action cameras around on the market, the GoPro Hero 7 Black, has dramatically improved and is now even better than before. Super versatile, simpler, and faster than its predecessors, prepare yourself to create the most memorable and insanely beautiful and jam-packed videos and shots to share with those around you.

Number one for Hyper smooth videos

The GoPro 7 Black comes boasting 4K quality videos with its most momentous HyperSmooth video stabilization. Apparently, the company was requested to upgrade this by a number of its loyal fans and guess what? They’re now getting what they asked for. The GoPro 7 Black can withstand pressure and rapid and rugged movements and provide you with the smoothest and thrilling videos. It’s time to take this camera out for some hardcore action-packed activities.

GoPro Hero 7 Black
Dip into rugged waters anytime and anywhere

The GoPro 7 Black is fully water proof, so you won’t have to buy the additional housing accessory like before. Get ready to dive as deep as 10 meters and if you’re into scuba diving then you can purchase the Super Suit to go as far as 60 meters to take some high quality compelling under water shots.

Built-in Voice Control

It’s always annoying when your hands are tied, and you miss out on the chance on taking some awesome footage. GoPro 7 Black now comes with built-in voice control – simply talk to your camera and voice out your command to take a photo, record a video, take a time-lapse video, shoot in burst mode and much more. Voice control is also available in multiple languages and accents all to make your experience seamless.

Live-stream your heart out

Get ready to start livestreaming videos straight from your GoPro 7 Black. Simply connect the camera to wi-fi and you’re ready to share any jam-packed experience with your friends and families. Connect to any of your preferred social media platforms and live-stream your heart out.

GoPro camera
Powerful time-lapse videos on the move

There’s more room for creativity here with hyper lapse photography and video. Perfect for those who are on the go; simply select the TimeWarp option and the camera is smart enough to process footage according to your speed, providing you with fluid, smooth, and splendid videos.

It’s not photo, it’s Super Photo

This is when photos become easier to take. The GoPro 7 Black will automatically adjust settings like white balance accordingly, so you can have the most spectacular and breathtaking shots ever. It takes care of all the hard creative work so you can enjoy some memorable and vivid images.

GoPro Hero review

The GoPro 7 Black is undoubtedly the greatest camera made to date and this goes to show how far the company will go to give avid adventure junkies what they want. Coming down to it, this camera is worth the money – you won’t miss out in documenting your memories ever again, especially sharing them at the right time with your friends.


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