How frames per second (FPS) is a Gamer’s Ultimate Weapon

High latency, sloppy animations, and distracting effects can all hinder your competitive advantage and lead you to losing battles in games such as Fortnite, PUBG, CS: GO etc. These defects not only ruin your gaming experience, but they also make it almost impossible to beat your opponent. If you want to win your next battles, then your best secret is to have the maximum frames per second (FPS).

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What Is FPS, And How Does It Help Gamers?

In simple terms, FPS refers to the rate at which your graphics processing unit completes the game’s images, aka its frames. Typically ranging from 30 FPS to 240 FPS, the higher the rate of completion the better. Frames per second impacts both the latency and the cinematic feeling of your game. Whenever FPS is high, it will lead to lower rates of system latency which will allow you to see players earlier and get an edge during your game. Similarly, high FPS rates provide a more cinematic feeling and offers you better immersive experience whenever you’re gaming.

What is FPS, and how does it help gamers?
How FPS Reshapes Your Experience

There are several benefits behind the use of high FPS or else why would competitive gamers and Esport pros opt for the highest FPS possible?

Smoother Animation:

Let’s take this example, during your game you want to run from one end of the room to another- with a low FPS it will look as if you’re skipping from one point to another rather than running. But if you have a high FPS let’s say, the animation will be much smoother, and it will portray a figure picking up the pace as well as taking several steps to reach the endpoint. This feature particularly helps you in shooting games when you try to effectively track your target.

High FPS = Smoother Animation
High FPS = Smoother Animation
Reduced Ghosting:

Ghosting is a result of blurring pixels. It’s due to slow refresh time along with the monitor’s inability to stay up to speed. Another gameplay example is if you want to shoot a character that is jumping from one building to another- the ghosting effect will show a trail behind them, making it harder to pinpoint the target, but with higher FPS rates, trails are typically reduced, if not eliminated thus contributing to less distractions and better focus.

Reduced Ghosting
Reduced Ghosting
Reduced Tearing:

When the display is showing different images from the graphing processing unit (GPU) at the same time, it might cause images to shift and a tearing effect to take place. The last thing you need is to try and aim at an opponent when their body is divided into two because of the time it’s taking to process the images. With a higher FPS, tearing is reduced, enabling you to see images more clearly without too much distractions hindering your game.

Reduced Tearing
Reduced Tearing
FPS Also Impacts Your KillDeath (K/D) Ratio

If you’re playing games like Battle Royale, K/D ratio is an essential element to your success. K refers to how many times you killed another player while D represents how many times you died at the hands of your opponents. A study by NVIDIA showed that gamers who opted for higher FPS such as 144 or 240 have seen significant increase in their K/D ratio, which in return prompted them to win these games. The low system latency and other advantages provided by the completion rate permitted players to have the ultimate competitive advantage during their games.

FPS also impacts your KillDeath (K/D) ratio
FPS also impacts your KillDeath (K/D) ratio

You won’t have to suffer from latencies and distractions when you have a high FPS rate. You can immerse yourself in the best gaming experience possible and guarantee your next win. That’s one of ours secret to you gamers! Best of luck in all the battles to come!


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