Cookies: Analyzing Data to Drive Growth

Today, data is critical to the success of any business. The insights it offers helps build strategies, reform old tactics, and develop plans for the future. However, raw data alone can do so little without the proper analysis tools needed to decode it.

With the use of AI and smart systems, Jordanian Engineers Khaled Abudari and Khalid Alwalid joined hands to create an easy-to-use software that enables businesses to operate smoothly and accurately, ultimately aiming to extract data and key information for better growth prospects.

Seamless and Efficient Tools

“As data continues to be an influential factor in the corporate world, we wanted to create intelligent business solutions that efficiently and effectively analyze it,” explained Abudari as he highlighted the startup’s work.

“What we ended up doing was use our collective experiences and backgrounds to build SAS (Statistical Analysis System) software based on customizable solutions and ERP systems to help our customers navigate their data in an optimal way.”

To put it simply, through this customizable software, businesses can easily extract the data they require, automate their redundant processes, and take advantage of a seamless experience that is uniquely designed for them.

Cookies integrates smart technologies with the business’ systems while linking all its departments together and to the cloud. This process enables quick access to concise data and information that can be easily decoded for better results.

For Everybody’s Needs

According to Abudari, “We understand the trepidation and apprehension associated with data. And because not everyone is familiar with how to use raw information to their advantage, our goal was to create an easy-to-use software that can do a job well done.”

Through this software, businesses can design all the tools needed the way it best suits their goals and aspirations. Their data will be consolidated into one place, easy to extract and analyze, and most importantly, the uniform process will enable them to drive the necessary reports for their growth and development.

The Tank’s Powerful Effect

It can get quite tough for an entrepreneur, particularly when you are starting out. “We were only two people in a sea of strategists and thinkers,” Abudari commented.

Abudari added that despite their knowledge on the operational side. They lacked the proper tools and entrepreneurial skills to create a successful startup. However, after their time at The Tank by Umniah, they were introduced to programs and opportunities that cultivated their skills and helped bridge the gap between knowledge and practice.

The Tank was an absolutely brilliant experience,” admitted Abudari. “Today, we realize more than ever before the key role they have played in our growth and success.”

As he recalled back all the fond memories and the journey that led him here. Abudari wanted to share a message with the young generation looking to thrive in the startup ecosystem. “If you build your ideas on doubt and failure, you will never know success. Believe wholeheartedly in your capabilities. only then will you find the road less challenging.”

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