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Whether it’s the aesthetic appeal of your destination making it all the more “Instagram-able,” or the integration of different social, cultural and technological aspects into the everyday traveler’s journey, 2019 promises to be an exciting milestone for travel. Indeed, and with the advent of booking services as well as social media, consumers are well aware of where to travel; and now it’s time to discover what consumers desire when traveling with the unveiling of the 2019 travel trends.

Travel Companion Chatbots

As much as travel apps are useful for tourists, they are also considered a source of nuisance given that specific apps focus on specific market niches. An app might be able to book your flight; another might offer restaurant recommendations in the vicinity. As a result, many become redundant and occupy a significant amount of space. Travel chatbots, a simple software that interacts with you through chat, are refreshing alternatives that use pre-existing browsers or messaging apps and spares the user from navigating through different layers of information to get an answer to a simple query. Users can ask the bots anything relating to their travels and the bot would automatically answer with the help of its database. As an intricate interface coupled with Artificial Intelligence, these chatbots also get smarter with time as they get increasingly used to travelers’ preferences.

Travel Companion Chatbot
Eco-Friendly Destinations

As eco-conscious generations, Gen Z and millennials are ever more looking for sustainable destinations for their travels. From turning buffet and kitchen scraps into soil nutrients, to launching hydroponic vegetable and fruit farms that help hotels become self-sufficient, and adopting a reduced plastic policy, such initiatives appeal to the eco-conscious consumers. Investments in such initiatives seem to stir big talking points, especially for the younger and upcoming generations. A rising star amongst such destinations is the Jordanian Feynan Ecolodge located deep in the heart of the Dana biosphere reserve resting on Wadi Feynan. A true Bedouin experience, visitors can enjoy unique adventures in the breathtaking desert landscapes by day and rest with the local natives while sipping a cup of sweet tea at night.

Eco-Friendly Destinations
Wellness Tourism

As consumers increasingly seek to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, wellness tourism seems to be the perfect opportunity for such travelers with it hitting the US $639 billion mark. Such trips are centered around providing travelers with opportunities to expand and explore oneself physically, mentally and spiritually. Trips organized around such a concept should include regular exercise, healthy food, and spa treatments. Even destinations sought by business people around the world have added wellness components so that travelers can keep up their healthy lifestyle while abroad. An example that perfectly illustrates such activities is the Juicy Mountain Rustic Health Retreat in Turkey. Visitors get to enjoy a wide variety of delicious juices sourced from local produces and head on to incredible daily yoga, fitness wrought, nature-connected journeys.

Wellness Tourism
Sky Pass Services

For years, travel agencies have promised their customers to book the right airfare price, yet in most situations, trips are reserved and unsure whether prices will change or not. SkyHi, the first of its kind third-party airline service lets you fly up to five times per month without breaking the bank by paying a per month flat fee and booking one-way flights for as low as $35. With its intricate algorithm, the service surfaces departing flights within the next ten days and allows users to book their tickets without having to anxiously refresh their browsers looking for that low priced ticket to their favorite holiday destination. Alongside partnering up with major airliners such as Lufthansa, American Airlines, United and British Airways, SkyHi currently offers flights to premium destinations such as New York City, Paris, London and Toronto all the while adding additional cities to their maps.

Purposeful Travelling

As people’s desire to learn something new while abroad grows and according to, a travel aggregator and metasearch engine, a staggering 56% of travelers agree that traveling has taught them invaluable life skills, both volunteering and skill-based holidays traveling have become well sought-after destinations. Such purposeful traveling experiences are increasingly becoming more salient for the upcoming Gen Z generation which continuously questions expensive university degrees over life skills learned while traveling.

travel trends 2019

Undoubtedly, a common factor to such trends is the large degree of personalization that such developments in travel offer. For that same purpose, services centered around tourism have to keep consumers’ preferences in the forefront should they look to stay relevant in the future.

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