Top 6 Jordanian Mobile Games to download right now

In the past few years Jordan has become a major focal point with the Arab mobile gaming community. It is no secret that gaming has been booming in the Arab world for quite some time now, especially in Jordan – the country has become the hub for both online and gaming production, making it a home to a flourishing market. There’s a huge community of gamers in the country and a variety of popular games to play.

1. King of Delivery

Here’s a game that is fun for all ages. King of Delivery introduces you to its main character, Awwad Abu Sheffeh, a skillful driver that is helping his friend deliver food to multiple locations in Amman. This is a fun, addictive, and challenging car game where you’ll have to maneuver and deliver food items as fast as possible before time runs out. Try your luck at this tricky game if you think you’re an experienced and talented player.

2. Run Camel Run – na3am games

Faisal the camel is on the run and you’re going to help him run as fast as he can across three worlds of Riyadh, Paris, and the moon, fending off his enemies along his journey. The game features dates scattered around to collect to help you run faster and faster and gain extra lives. Besides that, your goal is to survive and fight off your enemies so make sure you collect coins along the way to buy, customize, and upgrade your weapons. Compete against your friends through Facebook in this surprisingly addictive game.

run camel run game

3. Nitro Punch

Street car racing and war all in one! Brought to you by Na3am games and one of the most popular car demolition mobile games in Jordan, Nitro Punch brings the ultimate street racing game to its Jordanian gamers. With maximum speed, adrenaline, and hyped demolition races, each player’s objective is to finish the race by crashing into all their competitors until they are the last one standing.

Players start off by choosing their desired car and customizing it to its maximum power in preparation for the challenge ahead. Next, start racing and continuously ram into other cars to destroy them. But watch out not to smash into blockades at the speed you are driving and keep your eye out for any turbo charge aids to help power you faster. Once you reach the end, you’ll be placed in the ultimate demolition battle where you can strike out your punch launcher to blow up your opponents. Talk about a hyped-up game!

nitro punch game

4. Shibshib War

Ranked as the best new app by Bee Labs on Apple’s Appstore after its launch in 2013, Shibshib War shows no signs of slowing down amongst its Jordanian gamers. The story begins with oil hungry aliens landing onto earth and invading 11 Arab countries for their oil reserves. Set up in Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and more Arab countries in the region, players will need to save the Arab world by attacking the aliens with shibshibs (the Arabic term for a slipper).

Connect the game with your Facebook page to obtain the highest scores possible amongst your friends. With over 120 challenging levels to get through, players will have a variety of trusty shibshibs to choose from to succeed each unique challenge: the flaming shibshib, the icy shibshib, and the awesome explosive shibshib. Prepare yourself for an awesome combat game in style.

shibshib war

5. Hajwala

A car drifting game brought to you by Rababa Games, Hajwala is popularly known as the greatest game to play in the Middle East. With over 12 million players worldwide, the game has struck out to getting 42 million recorded videos by players themselves. The glory of the entire game is the vast amount of car options and roads you can choose from. It has now progressed from a mobile only game to a PS4 online game, where players can compete against 12 other players from around the world. You can also talk and chat with other players, making it all the more engaging no matter how near or far gamers are from each other.


6. Karim and Jana

Here comes an educational game for kindergarteners and elementary school children aged 3-6. Jordanians gamers realize the importance of socialization and creativity at this age, and Karim and Jana does just that. Going beyond the traditional game sphere, this app educates kids in numbers and mathematics, songs, stories, and adventure. A super quality and interactive app, this is the best pick for kids who constantly require elements to train, exercise, and satisfy their curiosity.


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