Top 5 tech gadgets to get your hands on in 2018

With technology continuously changing and new products popping up out of nowhere every day, we can’t help but wonder what’s worth our time and bank account. On top of that, many things in the market these days promise more than what they can offer. Below is a list of the top 5 tech gadgets whether you’re a tech newbie (do you still live in a cave?), tech geek, or just want to tech your life up a notch.

1. Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

Taking its second leap into the competitive smartwatch world, Fitbit recently launched the new innovative Fitbit Versa. Once again flaunting its own operating system, the Fitbit OS does a pretty good job in merging a fitness tracking wearable device to a smartwatch. Although its natural to compare it to its rival, the Apple watch, the Fitbit Versa works well with Android and iOS devices, so you will be able to reply to text messages seamlessly through your watch. Coming in at a price tag of $200 and a high endurance level, lasting an average of 5 days with no charging time, the Versa shows signs of big potential and no signs of slowing down as it moves from a pure exercise focused watch to a fitness tracker and a smartwatch.

2. Samsung Gear VR Headset

With an affordable price tag of $100, the Samsung Gear VR Headset, developed with Oculus, has been turning heads this year for its airy 3D experience. Designed to snuggly fit your Samsung phone, you won’t need to worry of connecting the headset to a separate source with the likes of a PC.  Although it comes with a separate and optional controller, the Samsung Gear VR engagement level is high. You can enjoy numerous apps and games to choose from or even watch some YouTube or Vimeo videos. Really immersive at a welcoming price, the Samsung Gear VR is ready to welcome all tech newbies and enthusiasts to the robust world of VR entertainment.

3. Polaroid Cube Act II lifestyle video camera

The latest addition to the Polaroid Cube models, the Act II is actually one of the smallest HD cameras in the market, measuring only 35mm in height and 1-inch cubic measurement. Shockingly small in size actually makes this one of the camera’s best traits yet. In fact, the Act II is made for a younger audience in mind or for those looking for a special and affordable action junkie camera. It is incredibly light, convenient to pack anywhere, and at 30 frames per second, the camera lasts for 90 minutes after being fully charged with really good quality photos and videos. With only one button to switch on, off, record, and snap a photo, the Act II does not need more than that as it does the quick and perfect job it is required to do.

4. Apple’s $299 iPad

At 9.7 inches, Apple’s trying to regain its popularity and usefulness in the game tablets with high school students and adults looking for a cheaper tablet alternative. By bringing affordable technology to schools, Apple hopes to also bring educational reference apps and tools to the new generation of students. Also coming with an optional Apple Pencil makes the iPad’s versatile use all the more useful -this direction proves to be very promising and convenient to learners and those in search of an affordable and reliable tablet.

5. Nintendo Ultra Game Boy by Hyperkin

Game Boy has come a long way and is still taking chances in reappearing to attract both its old and loyal fans and this generation’s tech enthusiasts as well. Thanks to Hyperkin, the Nintendo Ultra Game Boy is almost here with a more modern appealing approach. Intended to sell at $100 or less, the Ultra Game Boy will resurface with a strong aluminum covering along with better quality images, an improved sound system, and a six-hour battery life. You’ll still have to purchase the game cartridges but nothing can top off this vintage original game.

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