The Galaxy A80: Debuting Two of Samsung’s Most Impressive Features Yet

The Galaxy A series is Samsung’s answer to formidable devices at a more affordable price than the manufacturer’s flagship devices. The consistency of this line’s specs, along with a few hundred dollars less on the asking price, has made it a favorite with users across the world.

The Galaxy A80 is a huge game-changer from the rest of the A-series, and it’s the first device that includes two of Samsung’s most exciting new features. Read on below to find out more!

The New Infinity Display’s Debut

The first really cool feature is the New Infinity display, which features tiny bezels, no speakers, no notches and no punch-holes. In other words, you gain a bigger smartphone screen size. The full-screen display is one of the first examples of a truly complete full-screen, immersive experience on a smartphone. The 6.7-inch FHD+ (2400x1080) Super AMOLED display on the A80 is a perfect, no-distractions medium to enjoy high-intensity games like PUBG and Asphalt, as well as stream your favorites shows and movies.

Unique Triple-Camera Rotating Mechanism

The second awesome feature is the breathtaking rotating, triple-camera setup. It’s a unique design and mechanism, at a time when more and more phone designs are featuring collapsible and “flip” front-facing cameras.

Instead of having front-facing cameras, when selfie mode is enabled, the A80’s top segment extends upwards. And as it’s sliding up, the camera array rotates 180 degrees to face you, the user. It takes less than a second to deploy, and its motorized mechanism is quite the joy to witness and use. One thing’s for sure: the A80 will definitely turn heads at your next meeting or social gathering.


The design stays true to Samsung’s keen ability to create high-end looking devices, with a metal frame surrounding Gorilla Glass 6 on the back panel and Gorilla Glass 3 in front of the display. Gorilla Glass is a chemically strengthened glass that is designed to be damage-resistant, so you can be worry-free if short-fall accidents happen. This shows the effort Samsung has put in to ensure the unique rotating camera mechanism is well-protected, even more so than the 6.7-inch FHD+ (2400x1080) Super AMOLED display on the hefty device.

To see more of the striking design, click here.


The Galaxy A80 launched globally as the first phone to come with Qualcomm’s newest mid-range processor, the Snapdragon 730G. Coupled with 8GB of RAM makes it a snappy device that allows you to multi-task smoothly while keeping up with your habits and routines. Games run smoothly and with no hiccups and binge-watching your favorite shows will be a pleasure on the A80.

Thankfully, Samsung seems to have listened to user preferences’ and made the simple, intuitive One UI more streamlined and with less preinstalled apps like in the past. It comes with Samsung Health, Galaxy Wearables, Samsung Pay as well as Microsoft apps like Office Mobile and LinkedIn as well as Netflix and Facebook, but that’s about it, and most users will want to install these apps anyway.

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The Galaxy A80 is Samsung’s answer to how they can make a device that’s full of unique new features, without driving the price into the flagship bracket. Although the A80 is in the higher bracket of mid-range devices, it’s still considerably more affordable than flagship phones. Of course, the unique camera mechanism means that face-unlock is not an option on this device, but the in-screen fingerprint scanner does a great job.

If you’re looking for a big device, then the Galaxy A80 is a great choice as it offers a full-screen immersive experience and has a first-of-its-kind triple camera rotation mechanism. All in all, the A80 is a solid device, jam-packed with never-before-seen features, that is made to stand out.

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