CES 2019: Sports & Fitness Meet Tech

With homes, cars, and phones getting their fair share of boasting their smart capabilities, it comes as no surprise that tech gadgets and specifically sports and fitness technology have occupied a whopping 4.9K net square feet of exhibit space in this year’s annual Consumers Electronics Show (CES 2019). One can argue that such gadgets do not grow your muscles faster nor get you fit any quicker, yet there is no denying that they do make the process simpler, more efficient and all the more enjoyable. Here are some of the coolest sport gadgets that were featured at CES this year.

JAXJOX Kettlebell Connect

Hailed for being an extremely versatile piece of equipment, the JAXJOX Kettlebell Connect is a smart Kettlebell that allows you to change weights with increments of almost 3 kgs. The kettlebell sets weight range between 6 kgs to 20 kgs and can impressively switch in just under 3 seconds. The piece of equipment is also synced to your phone via Bluetooth 4.0 technology allowing the user to track their reps, sets, weights, and rest time and ultimately analyzing the user’s fitness IQ to see whether he or she is on the right track or not. The gadget is also hailed for its advantage of being space efficient especially for space-savvy as well as traveling fitness professionals.

JAXJOX Kettlebell Connect
FightCamp: Boxing Workouts from Home

Like JAXJOX, this product is also riding the wave trend of “fitness from the comfort of one’s own home.” Users can purchase a whole training package that includes the full boxing set or a set of boxing trackers that do most of the magic for this specific piece of equipment. The FightCamp trackers provide boxers with insightful data on their workouts; whether it’s the speed of your jabs or the power of your uppercuts. An extra option provided with the FightCamp is the access to live training given by elite trainers bringing a world-class boxing gym straight to your home.

Welt: Smart Belt

A stylish looking leather belt might not seem like a wearable device, but to those who look closely, it’s a smart wearable that monitors your physical and eating habits by keeping a close lookout on the circumference of your waist, with the latter being a general indicator of health. Affecting a large chunk of the mid-age population, a large waist circumference indicator risks many health complications such as diabetes, cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases among others. Welt monitors such an indicator and provides you with day to day insights as well as health warnings that make sure you don’t tip off your balance and go crazy by overeating on every outing that you claim is your cheat day.

Welt Belt
Slighter: Not your Everyday Lighter

Named an honoree at CES 2019, this lighter is definitely not your everyday cigarette lighter. Coming all the way from Lebanon, the company Slighter created a sleek looking device that offers its users a new way to kick the habit. The cigarette lighter learns how frequently you light up in the first week, then personalizes a plan for you in order to reduce how many times you smoke by purposefully not lighting up until you reach your goal. Users can also share the data with their friends and family and can also learn how much they have saved up money along their way to reach their goal of either reducing cigarette consumption or halting smoking entirely.


As the intersection of both sports, fitness, and technology grows even more significant, entrepreneurs and athletes are hoping to increasingly leverage such exciting business opportunities by building on both consumer insights and data-driven research to indeed create what today’s tech-driven consumers want.


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