Reasons To Buy Nintendo Switch

With Google Stadia on the horizon, one might feel that investing in a gaming console might be obsolete. However, most parts of the world don't have the reliable, fast Internet connection needed to support a fully online gaming experience, with no hardware whatsoever save your browser and a controller.

When users think of a gaming console, it's usually the two giants: Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox. However, one console that has managed to carve a 30 million+ user niche is the Nintendo Switch.

The portable gaming console has returned some of Nintendo's former glory, with iconic Mario Brothers titles making a resurgence and titles like Legends of Zelda going back into the mainstream. There are several reasons why the Switch has won so many gamers' hearts, and here are a few:

Gaming Console


If you own a PS4 or Xbox, chances are that you wished you could just pick it up and continue your game while you commute to work or school, or maybe even travel. Despite smartphone gaming advancing considerably in the past few years, it still pales in comparison to a full-on console experience.

The Nintendo Switch does just that. If you're halfway in your Zelda game session, you could just grab your Switch from its TV connector, plop on your Joycon controllers, and continue your game while you’re on the go.

Seamless Multiplayer

The Switch's controller can be split into two, each a controller in its own right. If you're with a friend, there's an entire catalog of local multiplayer games that you can have fun with anywhere you are. All you have to do is extend the Switch's kickstand and enjoy a game or two on the fly.

The controllers also fit into several Wii-like mods, allowing you to drive, shoot, play tennis and play other games with the same controller, just fitted into a mod.


At around $300 a pop, it's still fairly cheaper than a PS4 or Xbox. In fact, many gamers opt to buy the Switch as a secondary console, one that's portable and definitely more family-friendly. Why stick to a portable DVD player for your kids, when you could stimulate their minds with interactive games you could play with them on a device that's the same size, if not smaller, with plenty of battery life!

Game Catalog

The console wars often feature titles that are exclusive to one console. Good examples are Halo on Xbox and God of War on the PS4. Well, Nintendo has quite the catalog to compete with - Switch-Only games include Let's Go Pikachu, Let's Go Eevee, Legends of Zelda and several Mario titles, which make it quite an attractive buy if you're into these gaming title classics.

Cross-Platform Gaming

While most consoles restrict online multiplayer to users on the same type of console, Nintendo Switch players can team up and challenge players on PCs or other gaming consoles. One good example is Epic Games' Fortnite. Despite more than a year of waiting for the title to become available and free, Switch players can play and team up with their Xbox, PS4 and PC buddies.

Plenty of Indie Games

Many gamers love the thrill of discovering less mainstream titles, affectionately called "nindies" (independent studio games). Nintendo Switch features plenty of them and often at a fraction of the price of mainstream blockbusters. The Nintendo Switch ecosystem includes beloved indie games like Thumper, Stardew Valley, Overcooked, Axiom Verge, Golf Story and Shovel Knight. So, if you're an indie game fan, the Nintendo Switch might be a good choice.

All current generation for a cheaper price when the new one hits the store shelves and online marketplaces.

All in All

The Nintendo Switch's portability, ease-of-use, impressive title library and all-round fun at parties and family events, make it a worthy contender for your gaming dollars. Its online services might need a bit more work to be on-par with Sony and Microsoft, but it does the job at the moment. With the second generation of the Switch rumored to be launching, you might want to wait for the new edition, or get the current generation for a cheaper price when the new one hits the store shelves and online marketplaces.

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