Retro-Tech Sneakers: Puma Teams Up with Motorola

Many of us grew up carrying a Motorola device, or at least parents hauled them in those faux-leather holsters on their belts. In today’s world of sleek metal and glass rectangles, physical keypads and antennae have become a thing of the past, and just like other nostalgia-boosting elements, they fit squarely in the “retro” appeal the world’s experiencing today.

That’s what makes Puma’s new line of “retro-tech” sneakers all the more exciting. The huge sportswear giant teamed up with Motorola to create a set of tech-inspired sneakers that include elements that made the phone manufacturers’ 80s and 90s devices stand out. Here we have two brands with rich history that spans decades through their style and innovation, so what better way to collaborate together and combine fashion and tech-inspired aspects for a unique apparel: the Puma RS-X sneakers. While the sneakers are not a tech gadget, they prove how style and technology can inspire and influence each other in today’s modern lifestyle.

Sneakers have become the go-to choice of footwear, especially for the younger crowd in the past few decades. The comfort, design, status symbol, and power of sneakers is a massive international market, with people queueing up for hours and even riots breaking out for a chance to get one’s hands on the latest hot sneaker.

2018 saw designers and manufacturers harken back to “dad-style” sneakers, which are usually oversized and have noticeable features, in contrast to the sleeker, more minimal designs that have been all the rage since the mid-2000s. This is probably the rationale behind this unlikely partnership, where Puma got its inspiration for its own retro line from a beloved brand that’s synonymous with the tech nostalgia of our childhoods.

The implications of this partnership also makes sense from a cultural perspective. After all, both Puma and Motorola are trailblazers in their industries, helping shape the designs, functions and evolutions of the products they sell. Who doesn’t immediately think of the Motorola RAZR when thinking about early mobile phones? And who doesn’t think of the of the Puma Basket, with its all-leather top that basketball players and early rappers made so popular?

A partnership like this goes to show that shapers of different industries can collaborate and sometimes create tasteful products that do what’s most important: awaken emotions in their customers! These are emotions like nostalgia, belonging, and of course brand loyalty over the decadeas.

The sneakers will have the iconic “Hello Moto” emblazoned on the side too, and admit it, you read it in the same voice and tone you heard when a Motorola device powers up!

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