Huawei Mate 10 And The New AI Kirin 970

The world is going crazy over Artificial Intelligence technology and they’ve moved over to phones with the new Huawei Mate 10 series and its first Kirin 970, integrated AI processor, the buzz is growing.

With a goal to create an improved user experience, the Kirin 970 has hopes to grow further as a learning machine and become smarter and more powerful, where it can function automatically and intelligently, and engage more or less like a human to resolve day to day challenges.

Although AI still at its infancy, it is not secret that Huawei has managed to leave a remarkable impression with its phone capabilities.

Huawei phone
Smart Performance:

The Kirin 970 has taken the spotlight of the new Mate 10 as Huawei emphasized its new chip to feature it as the best performance in the market. With its neural processing unit (NPU), the Mate 10 is dedicated to optimizing performance at its core to deliver a super-fast and seamless experience. It does this by consistently acquiring insight into the type of apps you use on a regular basis. Your phone will collect data and allocate its power to those specific programs so you won’t have to waste any charging time. This is what makes this phone so special. In its essence, the AI is a learning machine, accustomed to your own specific habits, resulting in a more secure and private experience. Instead of sharing your information in a cloud, like its competitors, the Mate 10 keeps things private by learning your habits and keeping the information in the device itself, making you in control.

Huawei Mate 10 And The New AI Kirin 970
Smart Camera:

With the AI rocking the maintenance camera, it makes it the biggest feature yet in comparison to Huawei competitors. Boasting a dual-lens camera, which combines a 12-megapixel RGB with a 20-monochrome sensor, both simultaneously work together to create sharp, refined, and vibrant photos. But that’s not all, the camera can intelligently recognize and detect different subjects in real time and automatically adjust its settings accordingly. It not only improves exposure and white balance but edits post image effects as well. This image recognition is integrated directly into the photography experience making it ideal for amateur photographers as well.

Huawei Camera
Smart Translation:

Here’s a phone that can travel with you and not have to worry about its battery life in the process. Huawei’s neural processing unit (NPU) not only brings machine learning to all features of the phone but also works with its AI framework to provide extremely fast and accurate translations. It works with Microsoft Translator, which is preinstalled on the Mate 10, and has been optimized to work offline without an internet connection. Simply put, it is image-based, so you can snap a photo of a sign or any text shown on another phone, and the camera app will translate it instantly.

With the growth of AI comes new and higher possibilities. This is a revolutionary shift to how we can interact with our technology and it is only the beginning to making our lives easier and more secure within the IoT.


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