Augmented Reality Interact with Consumers?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a monumental shift in the digital frontiers, where advertisers now have to find new and immersive ways to interact with their consumers. This is a huge transition from traditional and creative media.

AR enhances our existing natural environment with an overlay of virtual information through our mobile phones and tablets. First witnessed on a grand scale with Pokémon Go, AR is set to move beyond its gaming capabilities and boost our natural world. These technologies can be as simple as image recognition and as complex as projection techniques.

Deeper Emotional Connections

Millennials want to interact and engage with brands and their products, not just sit idly by the sidelines anymore. AR transforms traditional marketing and advertising into real time sensory experiences, fusing interactions and emotional connections with fellow consumers. A popular example that has amazed many is the AR powered IKEA furniture catalogue. Consumers scanned furniture they liked and placed it virtually in their living space. This superimposition based AR replaced original scenery with an enhanced one, enhancing online shopping experiences.

This is a two-way street where companies showcase their products to reach new and loyal audiences on their platform, sparking a new fascination and human approach in buying power. In short, this sensory and visual behavior will ignite emotional connection, consumer curiosity, motivation, and buying process. A huge potential for both brands and consumers, AR will resonate a feeling where consumers can visualize the product almost realistically in their life. AR is not about sharing pictures anymore, rather it will reshape and transform a deeper brand and emotional connection.

Augmented reality
Enhanced Online Experience

While AR undoubtedly boosts immersive consumer interaction, it also enhances their online experience with a game like atmosphere. It eases access to information, understanding, and multi-sensory awareness. It provides answers to customer inquiries when they want to experiment with the product and understand how it works. This is incredibly crucial as it goes hand in hand with brand loyalty. Perhaps, the most significant and helpful Jordanian app is Umniah’s very own Eshbek. This special mobile app uses AR to guide Umniah’s internet users in setting up and managing their routers. It helps users manage weak signals, facilitate their inquiries, all the while making their experience more fun, credible, and comfortable.

augmented reality AR
Informative and Transparent Engagement Results

When used, AR piles various data about the customers. It helps companies create patterns and profiles regarding their customers’ lifestyles. Having well-rounded knowledge about what their customers want and how they want it allows them to tailor products, services, and offers to provide overall satisfaction. This strengthens the relationship between the company and its customer base while increasing loyalty and brand value. This AR implication regulates the pressure on company packaging and design as its potential lies in embracing consumer decisions, enhancing personalized experiences, and boosting behavior and interests.

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