8 Reasons Why Umniah is the Best Place to Work in

1. Fresh and Relaxing Environment:

When the people you work with are awesome, it is without a doubt that you’d wake up excited to come in to work every day and truly love your job for what it is, never mind when it’s job that feeds into a great career! This is a place where everyone is fresh, friendly, and extremely approachable. We are a cool and laid-back bunch, but we also know the meaning of working hard and we love it.

2. Embracing a work-life balance:

We work hard and push ourselves to our full potential each day, yet we also value commitment to family and time spent on refreshing leisure activities. We do our best to make sure everyone gets enough of that, not only through being considerate and having thoughtful people managers, but also by enshrining this principle in policies that promote this balance, allowing for modern flexi work options and possibilities. Being a hardworking and relaxing environment at once is perhaps one of Umniah’s best kept secrets; the fine acting balance of overachievement and sanctifying personal life. This is what makes Umniah so special, as flexibility here maximizes our focus, performance, and productivity whilst promoting a higher sense of purpose.

3. Participative work-style

We collaborate and get creative. We truly connect with our colleagues, interact and exchange ideas frequently. This genuine synergy gives us a whole new meaning as we truly believe that no matter how different we all are, we do need each other, and we are ultimately stronger together.  This is how we can truly explode with tech and innovative ideas.

4. Rewarding Employee Achievements

This is where we all feel our hard work pays off. We face our challenges with enthusiasm and strive to improve as leaders in adapting disruptive and innovatively groundbreaking solutions. Working with some of the best in this industry, Umniah ensures employees are recognized for their hard work and achievements through a bi-annual rewarding program, precisely with our exciting Umniah Oscars! We truly feel cared for in this supportive leadership system.

5. Employee Empowerment

Technology is ushering in new possibilities. Working in Umniah spurs our innovation and creativity in delivering relevant and affordable solutions to our society. This makes us feel empowered to be proactive, build opportunities, and make informed decisions. Once you work in a company that supports and trusts your decisions, accommodates your risk-taking and forgives your inadvertent mistakes you will not only unleash your creativity, but sure enough pour your heart and soul into your work. “Ask for forgiveness, not permission” is a moto often used at Umniah.

6. Ambitious Minds

When you’re surrounded by highly ambitious people who are determined to learn and make a difference, your work becomes infinitely more satisfying. This is a fast paced and intellectually challenging culture where we constantly strive towards a goal, chase opportunities in innovation, and we are driven enough to not give up when faced with setbacks.

7. Motivational Drive

Our ongoing motivation and productivity is fueled by the fact that we feel like we matter, our opinions matter, and our work is always recognized and appreciated by everyone around us. With open channels of communication and massive opportunities to learn and gain exposure from, we are always in full gear to make a difference. We know we matter!

8. Challenging and Innovative Culture

At Umniah, we are a part of a culture that challenges us to bring out the best we can do. We are constantly striving towards technology and innovative solutions to offer our clients the best customer experience possible. With immersive projects and an infusion of creativity, we are always inspired.

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  • I worked in umniah before 12 years ago & really it was amazing experience and I wish to get back again soon.


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