ITS: Where Translation Meets Innovation

Translating from one language to another isn’t a piece of cake. And while there are lots of tools at your disposal with the increase in technological advancements, there’s a certain flair to human translation that can’t be imitated.

Jordanian startup ITS understands both: the need for advanced tools that can deliver fast results and the necessity of having a human touch to your work. So, to leverage on innovative tools and create a service that’s human yet is still unique, Jordanian cofounders Zeina Abu Leil and Ali Barakat created Innovate Translation Services, otherwise known as ITS!

From the Ground Up!

Following the aftermath of the pandemic, Abu Leil found herself without a job. As a translator with more than 7 years of experience in the tech industry, she refused to let it all go easily.

“Her brain never stopped functioning,” Barakat admitted, recalling the events that led him and his partner to create ITS. “It continuously sought ways to ride the wave of digitization, as did all other companies, and combine her passion for linguistics with her expertise in tech.”

After a sudden epiphany, Abu Leil decided to recruit Barakat to help her better visualize her thoughts. The two discussed ideas together until they birthed ITS.

Technology, Language, and Human Relationships

Offering multiple services, from translation to copywriting, and delivering material in minimal time yet with high-quality seems surreal. But the reason this startup does it so well is because they rely on a powerful translation software that helps them get the job done smoothly, efficiently, and accurately.

“Our software identifies patterns in translation along with keywords and tonality overview that help our translators deliver more accurate results.”

Barakat further explained that technology is only one of ITS’ success pillar. Their relationship with their clients and the constructive briefs and feedbacks they receive helps them leverage on the power of their technological tools to drive error and hassle-free results.

Finding the Way

ITS, like many other startups, faced its own set of challenges along the way, particularly when having to figure out all the checkpoints it needed to stop at along its journey.

“What also impacted us further was figuring out how to incorporate our needs into a software and using it to begin operations.” However, with diligent work and a helping hand from The Tank by Umniah, the startup managed to overcome the bumps on the road.

The Tank: A Beacon of Light

As previously stated, Barakat and Abu Leil struggled to map out their path towards creating their startup. From incubation to licenses, they didn’t know where to head to and what to do.

“Thanks to The Tank by Umniah, we managed to receive the necessary mentorship we needed. We were also exposed to several guides that helped us create our business plan, map out our operations, and understand the legal requirements needed to build our startup,” Barakat admitted. He recalled his experience at the Tank along with some heartfelt memories, expressing that it was “the most life-changing experience in ways that defy expectations.”

Finally, Barakat explained the future plans ITS is working to achieve, hoping to grow its network and further prosper. “I’d like to use this opportunity to send a message to those that are in the same place I stood years ago,” the entrepreneur said. “Every hard time is a lesson learned. Learn from the experiences as they are meant to shape you and not break you.”

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