Internet of Eyes: a Hidden Power

Imagine living in an all-seeing world where insentient objects are empowered with one of the most crucial living senses: sight. The concept began with Internet of Things (IoT) which are sets of capabilities that are enabled when physical objects are connected to the internet via sensors. To make this concept clearer and more relatable and example would be a health patch that monitors the body’s temperature, pressure, heart rate… and shares this information with doctors. Similarly, the Internet of Eyes (IoEyes) is a network of cameras or any visual abilities that are connected to the internet via sensors with a purpose of collecting and interchanging visual data. This technological advancement has a huge exceptional impact on all business sectors as well as humanity.

Retail and supply chain

IoT will be part of all the processes of supply chain from assembling the raw materials together to distributing the products to wholesalers and retailers. Bots and drones are examples of Internet of Eyes. To further clarify, Ali Baba’s warehouse in China now uses 60 robots. When someone places an order via Ali Baba, a robot locates the product and picks it up. The robots have visual senses that allow them to know where each product is located, where and how to get it. It collects data along the way. These technologies automate industries like the retail and supply chain as it increases productivity and diminishes error or inefficiencies made by humans.

Health Sector

As previously mentioned, wearable devices such as Fit-Bit or health patch are examples of the IoT that track patients’ health records and status. What if these devices were enhanced to include some visual characteristics that can share visual information with doctors regarding how the patient is acting or moving? This is mainly applicable with mental patients or any other patients who need constant monitoring visually. It shares the visuals with doctors allowing them to track and monitor the patients, hence taking appropriate measures to improve their mental or health state. In addition to that, some of these IoEyes include bathroom mirrors that give us an idea of our alcohol or tobacco consumption as well as any signs of weight gain or loss.

Marketing sector

IoEyes is most applicable in the field of Marketing. Data is crucial in this sector. For instance, bathroom mirrors are one of the technologies created that scan a person’s face searching for any signs of stress, anxiety or 3D scanners that detect any weight loss or gain. These sentiments are important for companies like Amazon or beauty industries that will analyze this information and cater offers that satisfy the customer’s needs. This adds value to the company as customers will increase their loyalty hence spreading positive word-of-mouth about it.

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