VoIP Enhancing Your Telecomunication Experience

What is VoIP?

Short for voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a technology of transmitting voice and multimedia content through the internet. Many of you individually use VoIP technology over the available channels of communication and collaboration such as WhatsApp, Skype, Google Hangouts, Viber, and even Facebook calls. Whether you are home or at work and you are making calls, this usually works through your internet connection. Simply put, any time you call someone using the internet protocols, you are actually transferring data back and forth online – this is VoIP.

VoIP shaping the telecommunication sector

The reality is that the majority of the telecommunication sector is moving towards hosted VoIP services to make your access to communication seamlessly convenient, more efficient, with no signal degradation – so business IP phone system will work together at a low cost, and perfectly tailored for your vocational needs.


Not only is it centered around medium and large businesses, but also extended towards residential users with fixed-lines. The added advantage of VoIP allows making both local and international calls at a fraction of the price that you could be making the same calls with through the traditional fixed-line technology.

One of Jordan’s leading Information and Communication Technology (ICT) service providers Umniah, is incorporating VoIP as one of its services for both enterprises, government entities, and residential users. What differentiates VoIP services of Umniah that it comes in two flavors depends on the hosting of Private Branch Exchange (PBX), whether at organizations’ premises or using a cloud technology at Umniah.

What makes VoIP so great?

It is efficient, reliable, and simple to implement and use. Businesses and individuals that opt to use this service will benefit from the versatile features this brings. Let’s say you have an important call coming through on your office phone but you’re unavailable to answer. VoIP could transmit the call almost instantly to your mobile phone or laptop, so you won’t have to miss any urgent calls ever again.

In the unfortunate case that your internet stops working, you can also choose where your calls get forwarded to avoid any conversational disruptions. In a sense, VoIP has the ability to follow you wherever you may be.


The great thing about telecommunication industries enriching users’ experience with this service does not stop at the benefit of extremely cost-efficient calls. VoIP is in fact very flexible and loaded with numerous features. For instance, VoIP provides you with your own personal number making it extremely convenient for you to stay in touch no matter where you are in the world.

Aside from just phone calls, VoIP is multi-functional in that you can also conduct telepresence meetings with video conference calls through the service. It is a massive shift in communication that ultimately puts an end to delays and glitches towards integrating a flawless business system, for a more harmonized and productive work-force.

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