4 Smart Home Security Trends of 2019

Home security has come a long way and is constantly transforming to keep you safer than before. In fact, we have really come a long way from depending on hard-wired alarm systems to now making use of a more convenient setup. And, this is what a smart home is ultimately about – when it comes to security, a smart home will keep you, your family, and entire home safe at any time from wherever you may be.

smart home
All about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Back in the day, you’d enter your home every day and immediately disarm the alarm system. Now, home automation in smart home security has become a reality all through the expansion of AI and machine learning. Riding this wave are sensors – they measure and learn from all activities that happen in the house, from movement, to lighting, and even preferred temperatures.

Accordingly, AI and machine learning analyze recurring patterns and vibrations and learn from your active behaviors that enable it to detect and alert you immediately when an unknown and unwelcome visitor enters the house. So once a pattern is different from the usual patterns that recur at home, the alarm system responds accordingly to capture burglars and keep them out.

Monitor your home all through your phone

App-based wireless digital security cameras have been making heads turn in the past year. This powerful and appealing innovation is rapidly becoming a norm in households across the globe where homeowners can access the built-in live cam to see who’s at the front door through a computer or mobile app - all in real time – whether you’re on the couch, office, running errands, or all from another country if you’re traveling abroad. Everybody is on their phone these days and people want more control in protecting their homes, and this form of convenience can do just that. The greatest advantage of all of this is that consumers can rest assured that this is a one-time investment and then you can take care of your home’s surroundings without any additional costs.

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All about the Cloud

With home automation and smart home security, everything is made possible through cloud technology. The cloud is able to store massive amounts of information and send it to numerous outlets, constantly updating you on pattern changes to keep your home safe and secure. This enables device post-purchase enhancements, upgrades, remote control and monitoring, and synchronizations with various devices. Cloud technologies also simplify things where all data, recordings, and information are stored so you can go back in time and keep an eye on everything in real-time.

Voice-Activate your smart home

Another trend in smart home technology enables you to talk to your devices and gadgets to automate your home. Voice-activated software has been introduced and you can now activate or disarm your home security all through your voice commands. What’s more, you can also take control of lighting and any other wireless connected devices in your home all through voice activation – all to keep you in control and safe.

What’s great about security in smart home technologies is that it is geared to make your life simpler. You no longer have to worry about leaving your home and having someone break in as you’re always up to date and can watch everything happen instantly in real-time whenever you feel like it, all through your phone. This is a truly fascinating innovation and technology – and will continue to evolve for a more secure and harmonious environment.

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