Win Actual Money with Umniah’s new UQuiz Game App

As if you needed any more reasons to look forward to Fridays, Umniah has just given you an extra one. The Jordanian mobile cellular telecommunication network brings you the chance to win up to 1,000 JOD every week with their new game app, UQuiz.

The app, found on both GooglePlay & Apple Store, is open to both Umniah and non-Umniah line holders and it’s basically a weekly live trivia questionnaire game where users have to answer questions to progress to the final question that would win them the grand prize.

How to play and win

Answering a question correctly would earn you 5 Umnicoins and the chance to move on to the next question. Be careful, though, because one wrong answer and you’re out of the game. But don’t stress too much, Umniah has given you the chance to stay in the live trivia – inviting a player to download UQuiz and participate would earn you an extra life you could use to save yourself if you ever make a mistake.

Now, the game is played for around twenty to thirty minutes every Friday starting at 6PM. Joining the game is simple but making it to the top prize is the challenge as the questions get increasingly harder. At the end, all players who answer the last question correctly get to split the prize money.

Make some cash

To redeem the cash prize, you have two options – either cash out or convert the prize to Umnicoins which would be transferred to your Umnicoin balance. In turn, you would be able to exchange them for services or products through the UmniahApp. One important rule to remember is that you can only enter, play, and redeem the prize if you are above 18 years of age.

So, are you ready to crush the competition and make your bank account a little heavier?


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