Can The Artificial Intelligence Be Your Assistant?

The various technological advancements have reshaped and transformed today’s world. Artificial intelligence (AI) has single-handedly automated our lives by facilitating and carrying out both basic and complex tasks for us. Briefly, artificial intelligence supplies machines with the ability to learn, reason and generalize, all of which are intelligent humanistic characters.  That being said, AI personal assistants are gradually becoming the new trend. From scheduling to shopping to health monitoring, these personal assistants are infiltrating each and every aspect of our lives. On the rise, these personal assistants have become available wherever we go as they are present in all smartphones, automobiles, smart watches and Bluetooth speakers.

Voice-driven Assistants

Siri, Alexa Google Assistant, and Cortana are all voice-powered personal assistants that provide a two-way dialogue with their users. They include several features including calling or messaging a friend, reminders, smart home-control such as turning off the lights and many more. These voice-activated assistants are worldwide used by businesses, students and parents.

health coaching
Health Coaching

Health, wellness and fitness are longed by many individuals. What if all 3 were combined and monitored in one application? Presenting Lark Chat, an artificial intelligent application with healthcare and fitness expertise. It provides knowledge, feedback and motivation to individuals seeking a fit and nutritious diet. That being said, it is well-known that healthy lifestyles call for constant monitoring of the meals eaten as well as fitness knowledge. Instead of manually searching for and inputting these meals, Lark Chat facilitates a person’s life by noting down what he/she ate for them. Not only that, but you can communicate with health experts by asking any questions or tips that are diet or even disease related. Moreover, this smart application tracks down your sleeping habits as well as your daily exercises.

Shopping Assistants

Powered by Artificial intelligence, Operator is a personal-shopping assistant that allows an individual to find specific items or furniture as well as personalizing recommendations. For instance, which carpet goes with your couch, or the best utensils for your kitchen. Operator offers different product categories allowing users to freely browse through them. Any questions or tips in mind can be answered through chatbots that connect users to experts in the respective field.

Travel Assistants

Mezi is full-time travel concierge application powered by artificial intelligence and human agents. Consumers who are too busy to make any sort of travel arrangements can do so by simply sending a text to this application. After typing and sending the request, Mezi searches for these key words using Natural Processing Language (NPL) and books or cancels the flight. In addition to that, this artificial intelligent application learns the different booking patterns as well as preferences and consequently offers personalized recommendations such as Hotel location.

travel assistants
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