3 lessons we learned from Hakaya Festival: Jordan’s immersive week of storytelling

What is Hakaya Festival?

Every year, the Hakaya Festival - organized by Al Balad Theater, celebrates the art of storytelling for one whole week, usually in September, through oral storytelling, performances, workshops, and seminars. Taking place in Amman, Petra and other popular spots in Jordan, Hakaya Festival brings you the longstanding tradition of storytelling through rippling and memorable diverse performances from diverse countries in the region.

This year is the 11th annual year of the Hakaya Festival where it promotes and portrays intercultural dialogue between cultures and generations that are celebrated by all ages.

Fueled by creative imagination and timeless memories and stories that are inspiring, intriguing, and immersive, the Hakaya Festival proves to us how culturally wired humanity is and how all of us on earth are somehow connected one way or the other.
Here are 3 lessons we learned from Jordan’s immersive Hakaya Festival.

Storytelling has no boundaries

Storytelling is an adventure that catapults you in the moment in real time and with Hakaya Festival’s storytellers that come from a variety of walks of life, you get to experience a human connection like no other. This is what ultimately made the experience so powerful and valuable. Mingled with different forms of storytelling methods with dancing, music, theatre, film, open-ended discussions, and personal stories that are inspired from real life experiences, you get to witness a raw connection where you can ultimately relate to the performers way beyond their shared stories and where they are from.

craft a personal narrative
Women are survivors

Women have come a long way and with epic stories to date to depict that. British-Indian storyteller Sita Brand, welcomed us all on an exhilarating journey with tales of spirited and courageous women from around the world, titled “Fearless Girls and Feisty Women.” Resonating from both the past and modern times, the stories lightheartedly remind us the beauty of how far we have come. Although we are separated geographically, women have come out revolutionary by transforming the world around them towards a more feminist future, where our voices are heard, and to making anything we want possible. Together, women have survived and defeated their personal challenges to an uplifting society we live in today.

Arabic folk literature is eternal

Since ancient times, Arabic folk tales have been shared and spread orally to their listeners. This has been going on for thousands of years with the folk storytelling scene still gaining popularity to this day. A longstanding tradition of stories that have been handed down through generations and generations to come, Arabic folktale storytellers perpetually immerse their listeners with their own magical touch, voice, and tone. Mixed with eclectic tales of reality that are inspired from the authentic world and the storyteller’s creative imagination, proves to us how Arabic folk storytelling is both historical and powerful, and will continue to live on eternally.

hakaya festival

As simple as they are, storytelling festivals like the Hakaya Festival are evolutionary experiences that continue to attract more crowds every year. Everyone has a story to tell and good stories are endless once they shape us and provide us with morals and learning opportunities. Connecting us through cultures and generations from the past to the future, storytelling is an endless escape to enriching imagination and inspiration.

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