Your Children’s Safety with “Areeb”

Being a working parent whose children take the school bus, you are always concerned about their safety and wellbeing to and from school. Today and with the help of Jordanian startup "Areeb", you can ensure your kids are always safe by tracking their school buses’ route and location.

About Areeb

Back in 2017, and upon realizing the hassle parents go through in finding the time to drop off or pick their kids from the school buses, Bara’ Sulaiman Harb decided to create a solution. “There’s nothing parents want more than to stay close to their kids,” he admitted.

“Stemming from this, we chose Areeb – meaning ‘close’ in English- as the name of our startup and service to assure parents that their kids are always close and safe on our watch.” The startup aims at organizing school bus rides and coordinating them between parents and the schools. It offers various features for both parties to ensure the students’ safety and their parents’ peace of mind.

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How Does Areeb Work?
For Parents:

As working parents, you may have trouble coordinating your kids’ time with work hours. Areeb offers you various solutions to help keep a vigilant eye wherever you are! “With Areeb’s mobile app, you get real-time notifications about the bus route and current location, departure time and expected arrival time for each student,” Harb explains.

You can get instant reports about your child whether that be related to their well-being, presence on the bus, or the time they are expected to arrive home. This allows you to better manage your time if you want to pick them up at your doorstep or if you want to ease your mind knowing that they have arrived home safely.

For Schools:

What sets Areeb’s service apart from all others is that it is not only exclusive to parents, but it is beneficial for schools too! According to Harb, “It’s important for schools to be aware of their buses’ routes and locations. This is particularly true when parents tend to communicate with the Head of Transportation at Jordan’s schools about necessarily updates.” Areeb allows the Heads of Transportation to monitor the bus drivers, choose optimal and strategic routes to save time and money, and ensure the safety of students and drivers as well the school’s reputation.

The Impact of The Pandemic

COVID-19 presented the Jordanian startup with various hurdles. The main one is that schools shifted to e-learning with no clear timeframe as to when they will welcome students again. “At first, we felt as though there was no longer a market for Areeb. But with time, we decided to take advantage of the circumstances by redesigning and uplifting Areeb’s features, to provide more services that emphasize on safety.” With the possibility of school’s reopening in a few months’ time for the 2021-2022 school year, Areeb will be ready for their comeback with a newly developed app and stronger features.

The Tank by Umniah

“I’ve always believed that you won’t be able to take your business far if you’re alone and without guidance,” explained Harb. “With The Tank, we were able to build meaningful relationships with startups, mentors, and investors- as networking is a crucial element in the success of any business.” He went on to add that the incubator’s facilities, mentorship program, and events have helped them develop not only their skills but also their business footprint in the Kingdom.

On a parting note, Harb highlighted that while entrepreneurship may not be a walk in the park, you need to push your ideas to life to succeed. “My advice to all aspiring and young Jordanian entrepreneurs is to ensure they have these three key elements down: the right idea, the team, and the right time to enter the market. These will launch you to success.”

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