TebCan App Assuring High Quality Medical Care

Whenever our body shows signs of pain, the logical thing to do would be to consult a doctor. But how do you know which one to consult? In a world that has many doctors, there are several criteria that come to play. Be it price, distance, experience, or even language, it’d be easier if all this information was available in one place. Having faced similar issues in the past, Jordanian co-founders Nidal Yousef and Samer Tarawneh decided to roll their sleeves and use their IT skills to create Tebcan, a solution that can help you make a decision on your medical requirements.

How Tebcan Came to Be

Computer science graduate Nidal Yousef was always passionate about technology. A former employee at American multinational corporation, Oracle, he moved back to the Kingdom of Jordan in 2011 to apply the knowledge he had gathered in the information technology field. A couple of years later, after facing a dilemma in his search for a medical professional, Yousef started to monitor the Jordanian medical scene. “Our country is rich in good quality medical infrastructure and care,” he stated. “But it lacks a platform that facilitates the process of locating the right doctor based on unique individual needs.” In 2012, Yousef met his friend Tarawneh to discuss the issue further.

“We realized how our country had become an important medical destination for treatment. Many people cross borders for our medical care, but very few find the right doctors to treat their cases.” This revelation prompted the duo to create a platform that offers patients the right care, valuable experience, and most importantly sufficient information upon which to base their choices.

About Tebcan

“We built Tebcan to easily connect local and foreign patients with doctors in Jordan,” Yousef explained. The application showcases 1,700 doctors from various specialties along with their educational background, CV, languages they speak, addresses, price ranges, insurance policies, and most importantly ratings and recommendations provided by other patients.

Take a look at Tebcan Main Offerings:
Appointment Booking:

Easy-peasy. View the info, choose a doctor, check availability and tap the button! In case you change your mind, you can easily cancel at any time.

Online Consultation:

Sick and quarantined at home? Don’t let COVID-19 or any quarantine situation stand in your way! Wherever you are, pick up your phone, follow the aforementioned procedures and book an online consultation. Did we mention that some doctors won’t charge you the first time? After the consultation, an e-prescription will be provided and automatically sent to a nearby pharmacy. All you need to do is pay via the instructions on the app and wait for the medications to arrive. In case you’d rather see a doctor face to face, you can always opt for home visits! What also sets Tebcan apart is its partnerships. Doctors typically charge Tebcan users less. And if you can’t pay, some individuals and companies are ready to sponsor you.

Medical Tourism:

The application has several packages for local and foreign patients. If you’re seeking treatment in Jordan, check out bundles that include airplane tickets, hotel accommodations, and transportation deals.

Amen app:

Amen is Arabic for “safe”. When the pandemic started, people were extremely anxious about getting affected. As a further extension in the medical field, Yousef and Tarawneh recently launched their new app, Amen, to help businesses monitor their symptoms in real time. By leveraging Bluetooth and GPS tracking, users can also see areas with potential COVID-19 cases. This helps them be more mindful of where they go and who they interact with as Amen also tracks whether or not the probability of being affected increases over time.

Lastly, Nidal Yousef wanted to address the startups affected by the pandemic. He revealed that while Tebcan, like all other companies, suffered at the beginning, adaptation was what kept them moving forward. “You need to know that COVID-19 shouldn’t be an obstacle in the way of your success. Yes, it is a challenge. But you need to look at it from a different perspective and find the means to adapt in order to overcome it and grow.”

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