Top eight incredible facts about The Joker movie

Spoiler alert! Certain events, big character moments, and the ending of The Joker are revealed here. So, if you hate spoilers, you can come back once you’ve seen the movie!

Although the movie premiered a month ago in Jordan, we can’t stop thinking about it! An American physiological thriller starring Joaquin Phoenix, the movie is centered around the protagonist Arthur Fleck – The Joker, a clown who suffers from disorders that make him laugh at inappropriate times. You’d think that the fact he’s a clown who is constantly laughing means the character is funny, but he’s not! Fleck is a troubled loner who has had way too many failed attempts at stand-up comedy. And with his severe mental health condition, he then turned to violence and became The Joker: a criminal in the chaotic Gotham city.

Whether you watched it or not, we’re going to present you with eight interesting facts you may or may not have known about this movie.

1- There are at least three different laughs The Joker does

What is The Joker’s most infamous trademark? His laugh of course!

The villainous and maniacal laugh is The Joker’s biggest asset. Every actor who represented the supervillain added their own touch to it, but Joaquin Phoenix left an unforgettable mark on this movie by developing three laughs for The Joker: the affliction laugh, the one of the guys laugh, and the authentic joy which we see at the end of the movie.

2- Joaquin Phoenix brought his own version of the character to life

In a previous interview with film critic Declan Mckinney, Phoenix said that he “didn’t refer to any past iterations of joker’s character” and instead was given the freedom to create the character according to how he envisioned him. He met up with director Todd Phillips six months before rehearsals and proceeded to watch tons of videos and go through many lines to create the criminally insane character. He even bought a journal that he regularly filled as the Joker to discover the character in a more intimate way.

3- The bathroom dance was improvised on the spot

Rarely do we see dances that are anything less than choreographed, but did you know that the bathroom scene was improvised on the spot by Joaquin Phoenix?

4- A silent film character was the original inspiration for The Joker

Going back to German expressionism, The Joker was inspired by a character named Gwynplaine in The Man who Laughs, a silent film directed by German filmmaker, Paul Leni in 1928. Gwynplain’s lonesome and troubled personality, eerie makeup, and permanent grin is very similar to The Joker’s appearance.

Joker Movie
5- The great Joaquin Phoenix was terrified to portray the role of Joker! What?!

Joaquin Phoenix, the three-time Academy-award nominee was terrified to play this adored supervillain as it took him a while to get into character of a mentally ill and aspiring stand-up comedian in The Joker’s origin story. Phoenix recalled that it was one of the things that scared him the most, but it was that fear that drove him to take on this role and add his own touches to it.

6- Joaquin Phoenix did some of his own stunts

While he did have a stunt double, Phoenix did some of his own stunts too. One of the stunt scenes he did involved running through the streets of New York with ‘cops’ hot on his trail and flinging himself over a moving yellow taxi.

7- Joker cracked IMDB’s Top 10 Highest-Rated movies of all time

Do we seriously need to say more? This movie is so great, no wonder it is considered as one of the highest rated movies of all time.

8- The movie got an eight-minute-long standing ovation at its premiere

Great directing, great casting, great acting, this movie is so good it got an eight-minute-long standing ovation during its premiere at the Venice Film Festival! Phoenix’s performance of the Joker was also generating an awards buzz during the film festival!

And there you have it! The top eight interesting facts about The Joker. In case you haven’t seen the movie yet, now is the time before you hear any more spoilers. With the hype surrounding the movie, we can’t help but wonder if Phillips and Phoenix will collaborate again for a sequel. We’ll just have to wait and see.

JOKER - Trailer
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