NVIDIA’s 360 Hz Takes Gaming to an All New Level

In the world of gaming, one tiny imperfection can jeopardize your chance at winning. Whether you’re watching or playing, it’s important the graphics are clear, the latency is low, and animations are smooth. There’s more than 450 million gamers tuning in to watch competitive tournaments played in real time and the love for Esports is growing. This is the perfect time that NVIDIA has unveiled the new G-SYNC displays with a 360 Hz refresh rate. This is guaranteed to provide Esports enthusiasts and competitive gamers with the fastest gaming displays ever made.

What is Hz and Why Does it Matter?

Hertz (Hz) refers to the number of images displayed per second every time the monitor refreshes. Typically, video game monitors showcase between 30 and 240 images per second. Or in other words, they range between 30 and 240 Hz.

What is Hz and Why Does it Matter?

If you recall our previous article on the impact frames per seconds Frames Win Games (FPS) have on video games, you will easily understand the relation between the two. One FPS equates one Hz. Just like FPS, the higher your Hz rate, the better your gaming experience.

Benefits of Using 360 Hz

Driven by extensive research to understand the relationship between PC technology and player competitiveness, NVIDIA discovered the significant impact of FPS, Hz, and system latency on first person shooter games. As previously mentioned, it was affirmed that high FPS/Hz rate make a significant difference on a gameplay.

Benefits of using 360 Hz
Clarity :

Let’s assume you’re playing a first-person shooter game like CS:GO. When scanning the area for a target, it’s important to be able to see them clearly without any difficulty. Likewise, whenever you’re moving or turning, the screen has to be clearly displayed without any blurs or barriers that could hinder your game. With the 360 Hz monitor, images are clearly displayed, allowing you to see your opponents without a problem.


To go back to the above example, let’s focus on the motion of turning. If you’re playing a game and feel as though an opponent is standing behind you, your first instinct will tell you to turn and shoot. If your monitor is operating at 30 Hz per say, it will look as though you’ve moved from one image to another, instead of executing a proper turning animation. As opposed to this, a 360 Hz monitor will make the player turn around and easily shoot their target.

Higher Refresh Rates:

Gamers are always in search of higher refresh rates. This is because during the game it’s important to keep up with the rapid movement of the players. Imagine you’re chasing a target or maybe running away from one, if the monitor can’t keep up with your movements you’ll either lose your chance at killing them or you’ll get killed instead. With a high Hz rate, your monitor will be able to keep track of the player’s motion and refresh your screen faster.

Top CS: GO Player’s Experience

To highlight this groundbreaking technology, NVIDIA invited the professional CS:GO player, Jordan Gilbert, better known as n0thing, and member of the Esports team Cloud 9 to test the new 360 Hz monitor along with the ASUS ROG Swift 360. This is developed in conjunction with NVIDIA and is specifically designed for Esports competitions. The 24.5-inch form factor it features managed to keep every pixel of action in the field of view, changing the way n0thing interacted with the virtual environment.

N0thing revealed that when he first heard about the new 360 Hz, he thought, “How much better can you get than 240?” But when he switched back and forth between the two, he could immediately tell the difference.

In the words of this legendary Esports player, the new 360 Hz monitor provides “better muscle memory, mechanics, and reaction shots.” To top it all off, NVIDIA recently announced a couple of games that will benefit from the new 360 Hz monitor display. These games include CS: GO, Rainbow Six: Siege, Overwatch, and Fortnite to name a few. So, gamers, if you’re looking to reshape your experience completely, make sure to give the new 360 Hz monitor a try, and then let us know if you could ever give it up!

WORLD'S FIRST 360Hz Monitor - Powered by NVIDIA G-SYNC


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