How is Decapolis Transforming Food Safety Measures

Even an experienced eye cannot always tell whether a fruit or vegetable is fresh or free from contamination. But now there is a way to allow sellers, and most importantly, consumers, to know if the food they’re purchasing is both fresh and safe to consume based on a rigorous validation of international safety and quality standards.


The Decapolis Food Guard Platform (DFG) allows wholesalers, retailers, and consumers to know the traceability history of production for all batches for all goods produced. Food producers, both fresh and processed foods, can also improve their bottom line by improving economics in their supply chain and in the factory and field.

Whether you are a business selling a food product, or a customer buying it, safety and quality should not be compromised at any stage of the supply chain. The Decapolis process traces sourcing of raw materials, production, handling, and distribution. This brings real value to the consumer, who wants to be sure about the safety and quality of their food that’s placed on their tables.

About The Solution

The Decapolis Food Guard platform validates Safety and Quality on a batch-by-batch basis, by means of an unbroken chain of tamper-proof records using an advanced dynamic system on top of the Blockchain technology. These records contain measurements and assessments at each step of production. The Platform gathers this data to verify compliance with selected International and local food safety and quality Standards.

The finished goods produced under the watchful eye of the DFG platform will be marked with a QR code stamp. It will be recorded for access on a permissioned website for wholesalers and retailers to review. The consumer can also scan the QR code at the point of sale to allow finished goods to be traced back through the DFG chain of records.

Jordanian startup Decapolis is transforming  the future of food safety worldwide
The Inspiration Behind The Name Decapolis

The Decapolis name has a lot of depth and history. Decapolis dates back to 63 BC and is based on the ten cities of the Eastern Levant of the Roman Empire, seven of which are in Jordan. These large cities were highly efficient, collaborative, and united their manufacturing, production, and militaries. They implemented common standards and practices to ensure the health and economic wellbeing of their communities and their industrial base. This represents the passion and mission of Decapolis as a company.

Why Was This Platform Created?

Prior to founding Decapolis, CEO Abdelrahman Habashneh struggled to find consistency in the quality of the raw materials provided by suppliers in his previous olive oil company. “The biggest issue I faced with my suppliers was the varying standards of the materials they delivered,” Abdelrahman recalled. “This would result in quality problems for end customers. Decapolis was founded to address these challenges. The Decapolis platform serves as a monitor of the food supply chain before it reaches the consumer, ensuring consistency, safety, and higher profits for the producer.”

Jordanian startup Decapolis is transforming  the future of food safety worldwide
Challenges in The Food Supply Chain

Let’s take a real-life scenario, a cow on a dairy farm received a certain antibiotic or a vaccine against a disease. The farmer, out of ignorance, immediately milked this cow, leaving trace amounts of the compound in the milk. Antibiotics and vaccines in this milk can be harmful to human beings. With the Decapolis secure and trusted platform, this kind of accident will be caught from the beginning, before the milk reaches producers or the market. This keeps consumers safe from consuming harmful compounds. It saves both farmers and producers money.

This is only one example of the many problems Decapolis helps keep track in the food supply chain. “Our goal is to be the new brand ensuring quality food production in Jordan. Our vision is first to facilitate the production of trusted Jordanian products sold to customers worldwide” Abdelrahman explained.

A Startup That’s Growing and Thriving

The Jordanian startup Decapolis is incubated at “The Tank” by Umniah, a top-tier mobile operator in Jordan. Initial round of funding came from OASIS 500, a premiere seed investor in the MENA region. Recently, Decapolis won a significant grant from a Global Food Organization to improve the safety and quality of fresh produce from a large cohort of small farmers in Jordan, helping the farmer to produce verifiably safe and high-quality goods in order to increase the farmer revenues at the market.

Decapolis signed a reseller agreement with partners in Asia to sell the Decapolis solution beginning in Thailand, one of the world’s largest producers of fresh and processed food goods. Food safety is a regulated process; Decapolis will become the Food Safety traceability Reference Platform beginning with agreements with the Government under the auspices of the Prime Minister’s office in Jordan.

Jordanian startup Decapolis is transforming  the future of food safety worldwide

This platform is proving to be an indispensable capability for the controlled production and distribution of agricultural products and processed foods, providing transparency to producers and safety and quality to end-customers. With the Decapolis mark of approval on finished products, you won’t need to second guess whether or not the products you’re buying are healthy and safe for your family to eat.

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