5 Virtual Meeting Platforms To Use

Improved communication is pivotal to the growth of any business regardless of its type. With all the technological advancements being made employees have found multiple ways to communicate with each other and their clients without the need to travel long distances. Keeping cost reduction in mind, business owners nowadays are highly dependent on virtual platforms in conducting their day-to-day meetings.

Google Hangouts

An application that brings conversations to life through pictures, videos, and shared audios, Google hangouts offers a wide variety of communication services some of which are VOIP, Google Talk, Google+, Google Voice and many more. With this application, people can communicate with each other wherever they are, at their own leisure and time preference.

google hangouts

Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx is an application that allows any on-demand collaborations or online meetings as well as videoconferencing. Embedded in Cisco WebEx are services that aim at facilitating and enhancing business-related tasks such as MeetMe Now, Support Center, Meeting Center and many more.


Fast and easy to learn. Two qualities that best describe Join.me, a web-based collaboration application offering online meetings and screen-sharing services. Join.me is perfect for startup businesses as its pricing scheme is flexible and feasible for corporations with limited budgets.


Ultimate access anywhere and anytime without any undue hassle. Go To webinar serves as a huge advantage to corporations as it allows businesses to publish their own content to millions of users and prospects hence turning what they offer into sales. In addition to that, it enables businesses to customize as well as monitor their own content and the ROI resulted from it.

Skype for Business

An application combining all features for free: instant messaging anytime, meeting up with 250 people with recording, and office apps such as PowerPoint, OneNote and many more. Skype for Business is a powerful tool for saving time and costs. That being said, several businesses are adopting this as means of communications with their business partners.


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