Where to eat the Best Vegan Food in Jordan

Whether you’re going vegan for your own health, for the planet or even for the animals, being vegan in Jordan shouldn’t be a problem considering that vegan-friendly options are becoming more and more popular in the country.

There are many great vegan and vegetarian friendly places in the country. Below you’ll see some of our favorite spots that you can visit if you’re vegan/vegetarian or if you’re in the mood for a more plant-based meal.


Mazraati is a farm concept like no other that enriches visitors by making them pick their veggies as they prepare their food. What makes Mazraati so unique is the kitchen which is open to visitors so they can witness firsthand their food being prepared! Another unique element that Mazraati offers is their insecticide/pesticide, organic free produce making it a top notch healthy option available at the heart of Amman.

Shams el Balad

Farm-to-table restaurants are spreading like Shams El Balad, an outdoor garden cafe overlooking the old City of Amman. The restaurant also doubles as a co-working and gallery exhibition space and has become a vegan hub for locals and tourists alike. High façade, well lit and beautifully decorated, visitors can come and enjoy a meat-free, alcohol-free delicacy, in a smoke-free environment. You’ll leave feeling satisfied, fresh, and in a relaxed mood!

Noor Healthy App

Another exceptional concept is Noor Healthy App, that acts as a one-stop wellness platform that connects Jordanians to healthy and wholesome products, as well as vegan and paleo options. The app also allows you to filter between different options to better suit your dietary needs, be it vegan, vegetarian, sugar-free or gluten-free.


Atrameez was started by a 29 year-old Jordanian mother, Fida Abo Alrob who has a big passion for fresh and healthy food. So she started a whole range of products that includes: cheese, crisps, yogurt, nut butter, and ice creams. Not only does she serve great quality vegan delicacies, but her food is sold at reasonable prices too.


With a vision of going back to eating purely healthy, Primal is the first and only Paleo restaurant in Amman. While not strictly vegan, this restaurant offers a diversified menu while using the most basic of ingredients making it an ideal spot for vegan and vegetarians alike.

If you think it’s going to be hard finding vegan and vegetarian food in Jordan, think again. The country is becoming more and more vegan friendly and there’s more cafes, shops, and galleries popping up in the city. There’s plenty of options to choose from from healthy and organic to comfort food that will truly impress you and satisfy your cravings. So go ahead and dive into that vegan burger and meal you’ve been craving!


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