Travel Trends You Need To Know

As we step into the beginning of a new decade that is 2020, we can’t help but reminisce on past and modern travel trends that are reshaping the industry. Read on below to find out how travel is much more accessible and convenient than ever before.

Travel on a budget

Now, with low budget jets and the competitive deals brought about by numerous famous airlines, travel has become much more attainable than ever. Today’s travellers can choose the best travel flight deals online through comparison websites. Through this, budget airline carriers have grown more popular in the travel market, as they provide travelers with budget friendly flights to numerous parts of the world.

Travel on a budget
Always connected, wherever you are

Expensive roaming charges and securing an internet connection to stay in touch with family and friends back home had always been stressful during travel. Yet, with smartphones, widespread Wi-Fi, and data plans, staying connected is no longer an issue.

Traveling cashless

Finding the right exchange rates and currency exchange office was a hassle in the past. Now, travelers are relying on their credit and debit cards to book their flights, hotel stays, and excursions.

Packing light

Looking back, you probably used to travel heavy and worried about overweight luggage fees. Now, you no longer have to pack your books, CD player, chunky headphones, iPod, and camera. With the advancement of technology, you can rest assured you have everything you need with your favorite apps on your smartphone. Now you can pack light and enjoy listening to music, taking videos and pictures, searching for travel tips, and using maps to find the best travel spots all on your smartphone.

Packing light
The rise of travel and accommodation apps

Expedia, Booking, Trivago, Airbnb and more have played a crucial role in helping travelers seek competitive air tickets, hotel stays, and various accommodation options anywhere in the world.

Ride-sharing apps

There’s no way you haven’t heard of ride-sharing apps like Uber and Careem! No matter where you are in the world, you can instantly have a driver pick you up from any location of the country you’re at. These tech giants have changed the way people travel – it’s faster and more convenient than ever before.

Need travel tips? That’s what travel influencers are here for!

How many times have you scrolled through social media only to stop mid-way to admire a travel influencer’s holiday destination? These niche influencers have become a primary resource to many of their followers and travelers alike through their personal blogs, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more. Now you can easily find travel tips, itineraries, where to stay, and where to eat options with a simple search.

Travel trends to watch in the future

Sometimes we want to disconnect, reset, and detox from our day-to-day life. And now we can, whether we want to travel abroad or stay in our home country and join a spiritual or hiking travel expedition. You’ll be surrounded by nature with a like-minded community and taking part in meditation sessions, all for your wellbeing. With the fast paced world we’re living in today, spiritual and hiking expeditions are on the rise and show no sign of slowing down.

Travel Trends You Need To Know

With all the advancements we have reached, travel has transformed to represent the ever-changing world we live in. The same goes for diverse travelers in the world looking for certain experiences- whether you’re looking for luxury or budget friendly vacation, lively or relaxing experiences, spiritual or hiking activities, the travel industry and the world has something to offer for everyone.

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